For all Wind Mobile Users, in Canada, there is a Customer Service Phone Number we will share with you in this Post, to contact Wind Mobile Canada at a simple phone number and talk immediatly to the customer service about any Wind Mobile Issues, you might be experiencing.

If your Signal is not good enaugh, or your Mobile Device is not working well, you may contact Wind mobile canada, to get Support and change your Wind Mobile Device or receive instructions how to fix your issue.

For any questions regarding the Wind Mobile Warranty or to get a Wind Mobile Technical Support you can reach the Customer Service at the following Phone Number

611 from your WIND phone

or from any other Phone, you should call this Number.

You can also Contact the Wind Mobile Office at the folllowing adress, for any issue you may like to resolve by a formal letter:

WIND Mobile
207 Queens Quay West
Suite 710
PO Box 114
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1A7

If you are a Wind Mobile Client, you wonder how to ACTIVATE ROAMING with Wind Mobile, please note:

Dial *225# and follow the prompts under “roaming services” on your WIND phone or activate online at My Account under the “manage opt-in features” section.

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15 Thoughts to “WIND MOBILE”

  1. Ive Changed From Moblcity And Came Too You
    I Am Not Happy I Have Not Been Able Too Recieve Pics From People I
    Can Send Them But I Dont Get Theirs My Number Is … ive Reported This But No Answer At All Im Not Happy I Have Never Had Problen Sending Pics Or Recieving
    Them When I Dealed Moblicity Im I Woud Like Something Done Kind Regards Susan Moniz

  2. ches

    Is there any way that wind would upgrade on network coverage? I’m in my city and it has THE WORST network coverage ever. Half the time, it’s good. Half the time it either shows that I’m “roaming” even when I’m in the city or has no signal at all. Please please PLEASE consider building towers for signal or something. Just PLEASE do something about it.

  3. jayme Kelsh

    im disappointed by wind mobile they DEactivated my phone and refused to turn it back on for 5 business days i told them i had a daughter in the hospital with leukemia and they didn’t care they told me they would give me 1 phone call so i would have had to choose between the cab and my mom to let her know to go to the hospital with my other 2 children to have Christmas in the hospital

  4. Stacey

    Terrible Wind Customer Service. My phone wont even work in a Mall. When I leave Toronto to go visit family, it stops working. What if you need to make an emergency call? You can’t call anyone. Its not 1999 WIND. Get with the program!

  5. edward

    April 12 2015 called windmobile / going on vacation to cuba on the 13 april do you provide services in cuba /rep Yes for 8 dollars you can add our wind international pkg this are the rates / Me Yes please add the service / Came back on 21 windmobile wants me to pay Roaming charges of 678.00$ told me they don’t have services in Cuba / im seeking legal advice

  6. John

    All these negative comments! My wife and I have been a Wind client for 3 yrs. Been very happy. Travel thru USA and pay no roaming charges & pay 15 cents a minute for my wife and free calling, text and free data on my plan for $15/mo during the trip. Can’t beat
    I know there are limitations in coverage but generally has been far cheaper than my friends on other plans.
    Traveled to Germany, France, Italy, and presently in Barcelona. Great coverage!
    Just make sure you understand the limitations and you will love Wind.

  7. Tara

    I was told after my first 6 months of service I would receive a 100 back if paid in full each month after 6 months. It’s been 6 months and I am still billed but haven’t received the 100 back

  8. Pervaiz

    Riley no good wind

  9. I just waited 30 minutes on the phone calling 611 – you. Yes I’m mad but I want to tell you my problem. I have been charged twice this month . Once on my MasterCard and once from my bank account, either give one back or credit my phone on next months bill. Call me and let me know

  10. Afzal Hossain

    Terrible customer service. No one works in wind mobile. I am trying them for more than 2 hours. It was my wrong decision to get wind mobile.

  11. ben

    Worse mobile customer service. No on shore customer service reps. Manager not available. Agreed on pay as you go contract. Now I have to call them every month after topping up so that my phone is reconnected. Call a head this month to ensure there is no problems yet after speaking with store clerk was informed there’s still balance owing. Even though premium data was offered free of charge when signing up. The company is weak. Not worth the crappy reception, poor data and even worse off shore customer service. Im going back to a competent service provider after this month.

  12. Maria asis

    I paid for my bill and tried calling customer service but couldnt reach anyone.611 sucks not one can help me get my service back tried calling and using website. No good too.

  13. Anthony

    If my bill is due on October 16, why did you shut off my service on October 14th? I just missed a whole day of work thanks to WIND mobile!

  14. Sadaf

    I have been a very loyal customer of wind for so many years. I called them today to let them know that my phone is heating up and I dont feel safe using it. The supervisor told me to change company. I have 4 lines with them, and their loss for loosing a good cutsomer!

  15. Dale Berard

    Good evening, I am wondering if it’s possible to wait until Monday March 27th for my bill to get paid. I will pay $120.00 at a keosk.. Thank you.. I tried calling the customer service number..

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