Whirlpool Canada Customer Service 1 800 807-6777
Whirlpool Canada Online Shop 1 800 807-6777

Do you own a Whirlpool Product, for your kitchen or Laundry?
Maybe you’ve never needed to call the Whirlpool Customer Service. We hope so!
But if you may need to make a complaint, you can call the Customer Service Phone Number we share with you on this page.

We would like you to share your opinion with us later, so other reader know how the Whirlpool Customer Service works, and if they are able to solve problems with kindness, like all Clients would like it to happen.

We can show you the Whirlpool Canada Phone Number, which is available for Canada, to get Support and for example ask questions regarding the Whirlpool Warranty. Also you can order Whirlpool Manuals for a Whirlpool Product you may have bought a long time ago.

Whirlpool Canada Technical Support

1 800 807-6777

If you need any help or information about the Whirlpool Canada Online Shop, you can contact Whirlpool Canada Customer Service at the same Whirlpool Canada Phone Number

To contact the Whirlpool Canada Head Office for any complaints or questions you may have, you can reach the following adress.

Whirlpool Canada,
Whirlpool Canada LP
200-6750 Century Ave.
Mississauga ON L5N 0B7

Visit the Whirlpool Canada Website to find out more.

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One Thought to “Whirlpool”

  1. Anne/Larry \Finkbeiner

    I had Whirlpool |Gold products for last 4 yrs and now moved to apartment Jan 23/17 (builder picked basic Whirlpool appliances . All ok except for Dishwasher modelWDF320PADS3 –
    Dishes OK but the filter is clogged 2 x now with blue goop inside and exterior filter (need to wash off with soft brush – almost like goop kids use . i use better quality detergent and rinse aids FINISH gel and FINISH rinse
    almost think this is Rinse agent solidified — HELP
    i use high heat and rinse aid . Dishes clean but this filter problem

    I do not want to order service call if you can answer this
    PS only 2 seniors – no kids and use dishwasher once daily and all dishes are rinsed clean prior 403 969 5338 cell

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