Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Bank
Canada Customer Service
Wells Fargo Canada Phone Number 1-800-869-3557
Wells Fargo Online Banking 1-800-956-4442
Lost and stolen credit card 1-800-642-4720

This post is specially written for all Wells Fargo Clients.
What do you think about Wells fargo Customer Service?
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The Wells Fargo Bank Canada offers the here listed Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Number. You can contact Wells Fargo Bank, to get information about your account, or to be able to get help with any issue you may have regarding the bank, such as Online Banking Login or if you need information about a Loan or Account opening.

For general questions about Wells Fargo Banking, you can contact Wells Fargo Customer Service at:


Also you can Contact Wells Fargo Canada to notify about a Stolen or lost credit card, you should do so immediatly, if you Lost Credit card Wells Fargo at:


If you have specific questions about Wells Fargo Online Banking you should contact Wells Fargo Customer Service at the following Wells Fargo Canada Customer Service phone number:


Any other comment or question you may have about Wells Fargo, or about a specific Wells Fargo Office in your town, for exampl about the Wells Fargo Office Hours, you can contact Wells Fargo at the following Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone


To obtain more information about Wells Fargo or about the Wells Fargo credit card, you can visit the Wells Fargo homepage, and get there information about the Wells Fargo Swift, Aba Number and Wells Fargo Routing number.
Also you can find another Wells Fargo Contact Number, for your inquiry.

Wells Fargo Bank also offers a Wells Fargo customer Service for Business Accounts and new Customers, to get the Wells Fargo Canada Contact Informations for Business Account, you can visit the Wells Fargo Online Banking Homepage.

Also you will be able to find information about Wells Fargo Canada Loans, Invest and retirements.
Besides you will find the Wells Fargo ATM Locations worldwide and information about international transfers, exchange and about your checking or savings account.

Also you can Contact Wells Fargo Canada at the Wells Fargo Canada Head Office at:

Corporate Customer Relations
P.O. Box 250, Station A,
Mississauga Ontario, L5A 3A1

Any further information, you should Contact Wells Fargo Bank Canada.

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  1. Jane H Kanchense

    We are non profit organization incorporated in Nebraska. Our board members live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. we would like to open a small business bank account with Wells Fargo.
    Kindly advise on Process.

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