Volkswagen Canada Customer Service 1-800-822-8987
Volkswagen Canada Roadside Assistance 1-800-411-6688
Volkswagen Credit 1-800-428-4034

If you are a Volkswagen user and owner, you can Contact VW Canada at the following VW Customer Service Phone Numbers, to get your complaint to the Customer Service or to be able to ask about your inquiery.

Contact the VW Canada Customer Service to get information about the Volkswagen Car Warranty and Volkswagen Canada Roadside Assistance, besides information you can obtain about Volkswagen Canada Customer Service.

Volkswagen Canada Customer Service Phone Number


If you may need information about the VW Canada Finance, you can contact Volkswagen Canada Credit at the Credit Contact Number:


For Volkswagen Canada Road Assistance, and Volkswagen Service, you can contact the following Volkswagen Phone Number, to contact the appropiate Volkswagen Customer Service.


If you may need information about the Volkswagen Canada Service or Volkswagen Canada Spare Parts you can contact the above listed Volkswagen Canada Customer Service, where you also find information about the Volkswagen Canada Dealers, such as Volkswagen Canada Directions and Locations.

For any more information you may need, you can visit the Volkswagen Canada Website and find information about the Volkswagen Head Office, and Jobs at Vokswagen Canada, or a VW Canada Career.

At the Volkswagen Canada Website, find information about Volkswagen Canada Customer Service and the Volkswagen Head Office.

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3 Thoughts to “Volkswagen”

  1. Tania Piunno

    I wanted to give you a run down of the day i had yesterday and I will let you decide whether this is good customer service. I went to VW Arbour in Laval yesterday to have my winter tires removed. First off, when I called to make the appointment, the girl said I couldn’t get an appointment, and that I would have to leave my car with them all day. This was very inconvenient already since I needed to go to work, but I didn’t complain. When i leased the car, they had given me a $500 gift card and said I could use it at that dealership whenever I wanted. They omitted to tell me that apparently it was only 10% that I could use each time. And that wasn’t even the case in the end. I was charged $80 to change my tires which is already pricey and when I got to the cash register, she said I was not able to use the 10% till my next visit. What a scam. why do you give those gift cards to people if they can’t use them? In the end, they didn’t even give me my car, I had to go find it myself in the lot and it was more dirty then when I left it to them. If you think that is good service, you have another thing coming. i will never go service my car there again.

  2. josh curran

    Hello sir/ma’am. My nameos josh curran. My family has owned 7 different Volkswagens. We currently have a 2013 cc and a 2014 passat tdi. I was in the army for almost eight years. I just released and moved back near my home town to be with my family and siblings. As i have missed alot of time with them. Me and my little brother have been discussing going on a memorable trip. We have debated flying all over the states and mexico but want to do something original and flying is so cheap in Canada. Ee kept saying ‘we can drive there so much cheaper’ and thats when it came to me. Screw it. Let’s do it. Lets road trip together from Chatham Ontario to Riviera Maya, mexico. We have heard about the current issues vw is having but are absolute VW lovers and stand by you. We are wondering if you have any interest in being involved in this trip or having us document it we would love to represent VW and show that despite everything you build a quality vehicle that travels the continent confidently.

  3. Tim Lonn

    I’ve been on hold waiting to speak to someone in customer service for over 2 HOURS! No joke. Have people just given up over there? it’s been over 6 weeks since I registered for the goodwill package and have received nothing. The irony is incredible. Then when I phone like they suggest nobody answers! The respect they appear to have for their customers is laughable.

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