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US Airways Arrival and Departure Information 888-240-4770
US Airways Canada Booking 888-240-4770
US Airways Canada Customer Service 888-240-4770

Getting a flight booked with US Airways?
Need to change a reservation?

US Airways Lost your Luggage?

There are lots of reasons to be in need to contact Customer Service Phone Number of an Airline, and need to get help or solve an issue with Customer Service Team, in this case of US Airways.

As in some other posts we published before, here we share with you the US Airways Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to obtain Support immediatly and solve your US Airways issue.

After calling, remeber to leave your comment for other readers, so we may know how good US Airways Customer Service is.

As long as we know, the US Airwys Customer Service is pretty quick soling problems and the Customer Service team tries hard to satisfy clients. For example you can Book Flights by phone, or cancel reservations by phone, without any problems.

To reach US Airways Canada, you can call the below listed Phone Number.

US Airways Customer Service Phone Number in Canada:


For special informations, just like US Airways Baggage fees or Luggage Allowence you should visit the US Airways Website, or look into your Reservation, on Us Airways Account, where there is a description for your specific flight and destination, most times.
To do the US Airways Online check in, also visit the US Airways Website.

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