TripAdvisor Canada Booking 617-670-6300
TripAdvisor Canada Toronto 617-670-6300
TripAdvisor Canada Customer Service 617-670-6300

Tripadvisor and some other Travel Websites, must be the fastest growing Websites in the last 5 years.
Everyone is buying tickets, flights, hotel stays and more online.

But how do the Customer Services of the Travel Agents work? Do they support the quantity of clients they earn per day?
Have you ever needed the Tripadvisor Customer Service?

Please let us know what you think, and how the Customer Service worked our for you?!

We share with you all Customer Service Phone Numbers, on this website and today its the turn of TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Canada offers the following TripAdvisor Canada Phone Number to contact Customer Service.
You can call Customer Service, for any question you have, regarding TripAdvisor Canada Hotels or the TripAdvisor Hotel Test.

TripAdvisor Canada Customer Service Phone Number:


Also you can make bookings, calling the Customer Service Phone Number, or change a reservation you have allready done.

To get more information, or to look at the prices of TripAdvisor you can visit TripAdvisor Canada Website.
If you Log In, you can also do some changes on your Tripadvisor Account on your own, or search for TripAdvisor Office Locations for example TripAdvisor Canada Toronto.

Besides you will find the Information about the TripAdvisor Services and about the TripAdvisor All Inclusive, also you can find information about your TripAdvisor Brochure and more.

For example you can find on TripAdvisor Online, all information about the TripAdvisor Hotels and TripAdvisor Available Hotels, besides the TripAdvisor Offers.

Do you want your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast to appear in Tripadvisor, also, call the above listed Customer Service Phone Number to get fast advice, or create a Tripadvisor Account to go through the registration process and add your Hotel to Tripadvisor.

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4 Thoughts to “Tripadvisor”

  1. Hello,

    I recently wrote a review on Tripadvisor about Ishkon
    in Burnaby. I have not visited this place for any reason and don’t intend to for vegan food. There are many things I have read about these people on the Internet they are very shocking.
    Please remove the review from Tripadvisor written on June 26, 2015. As shocking as this all is it is all true . They are under the watchful eye of the government. We realize it is hard to believe such a thing like this .

    daryl shim

  2. Kendra Funk

    I’m writing to inform Tripadvisor of a decrepancy . I booked online with tripadvisor .ca , a Best Western hotel in Camrose Ab
    It was advertised at $111. I had called best western asking about the breakfast they serve, and then the gentlemen said he could book it for me over the phone for $149. I declined and told him I’ll book it online with tripadvsior as it is cheaper. Only to get here and be charged $149.

    I looked up tripadvsior and showed the front desk, it was advertising for $103 today when I showed them, but it has been $111 when I booked . Alyshia Healy front desk advisor at Best Western Resort and Casino can verify that tripadvisor was $103 when I showed them . I am frustrated that the price I booked at is not being honored.
    My name is Kendra funk

  3. Pam AT

    Hi. I inquired about a rental property on Trip Advisor. I was told to fill in my information and provide my credit The property owner contacted me and told me the property WAS NOT available but my credit card was still charged. I need to speak to someone about revering the charge on my credit card but I cannot reach anyone by phone and it is impossible to find where to do this on your website. Please email me or call me.

  4. Todd R

    Have a BIG problem here!! Booked through trip advisor a hotel in Sydney Australia, went to cancel my booking yesterday only to find it was CANCELLED because owner said no transaction for money?? To my surprise trip advisor did charge my credit card for 188 $ and to knowledge from my paper trail via email has kept the money and owner cancelled booking and he is saying he got no money and because he cancelled my booking the next day.

    I would like trip advisor to refund my credit card please.

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