Toshiba Canada Customer Service 1-800-867-4422
Toshiba Canada Technical Support 1-800-867-4422

Do you use Toshiba Devices?
If so… ever used the Toshiba Customer Service Phone Number, listed below?

We share with all readers in this post the Toshiba Customer Service Number, and would like to know how it works.
I have never used any Toshiba Device, so honestly have no idea if the Toshiba Customer Service is working fine or if they do not provide immediate solutions to your issues and problems.

Toshiba in Canada is reachable at the Toshiba Canada Phone Number we show you next.

contact Toshiba Canada


You can Contact Toshiba Canada, for example to get exact information about the latest Toshiba Updates or to be able to get Toshiba Driver Downloaded, or to get information where to find Toshiba Drivers.

If you need to find a place to get a Toshiba Service, you can contact Toshiba Canada also, to recieve the atention of the Toshiba Customer Service at the following Toshiba Canada Phone Number and get information not only about the Toshiba Canada Warranty, but also about Toshiba Canada Spare Parts and more.

If you need any help or information about the Toshiba Canada Technical Support, you can contact Toshiba Canada Customer Support at the following Toshiba Canada Phone Number


Toshiba Canada Adress

Toshiba Canada
Toshiba of Canada Limited
75 Tiverton Court,
Markham, ON.
L3R 4M8

Anyway you should visit first the Toshiba Canada Website and find there information about the Toshiba Customer Service and the Toshiba Warranty.

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  1. We own a Toshiba DVD/VCR Deck Model # SD-V394SC and during our move the remote control was misplaced and cannot be found. Can we get a new one or will a universal remote control work?? I am technically challenged and would truly appreciate your response to my problem . Thank you in advance.

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