Toronto Dominion Bank Canada offers the following phone number to contact the customer service.

Any question you may have, you can contact the below shared Phone Number, and the bank will provide you with the help you need.

Toronto Dominion Bank customer service number:
Banking: (EasyLine 24/7)


Toronto Dominion Bank toll free number:
TD Direct Investing:


You can call the Toronto Dominion Bank, for example to get information about documentation you will need to provide, to open a new account, or to get information and support about the Online Banking Account, whiich you will be able to operate on the Website.

Also the Customer Service will be able to provide you with advice about ivestment options, and credits such as personal loans, and more.
The Toronto Bank Custome Support is availbale at any time, and for example if you lost a credit card or have any issue with your Online Banking Account you should contact the Bank as soon as possible to ensure the security of your account.

You can receive help regarding money transfers and Online Investment through the Bank adviser on the shown Phone Number and do not need to worry about any issue or question you may have, as you will recieve answers imediatly by phone.

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