Ticketmaster Canada Phone Number (Booking) 1-855-985-5000
Ticketmaster Canada Customer Service 1-855-985-4357

Do you buy Tickets Online?
How was your experience?

Nothing more easy than buying tickets online, right?
But does the Customer Service work well? Did you get a solution or response quickly, after any issue?

Ticketmaster Canada has the below listed Ticketmaster Canada Phone Number available for clients and non-clients to Contact Ticketmaster Canada Customer Service and to be able to buy a Ticketmaster Ticket through the Ticketmaster Customer Service.

Ticketmaster Canada Phone Number to Contact Ticketmaster Canada and get information about the nearest Ticketmaster Canada Office to your locations.

Ticketmaster Canada Phone Number Customer Service


Also you can contact the following Ticketmaster Canada Phone Number to Contact Ticketmaster and get information about the next Ticketmaster Canada Event and get information about how Ticketmaster proceeds to do Ticketmaster Canada Refund, or how you can get the Ticketmaster Canada Cancellation of your Ticketmaster Ticket done.

For all this questions you can Contact Ticketmaster Canada at the Ticketmaster Phone Number listed above, or you can call the following Ticketmaster Customer Service Phone Number


To get more information about Ticketmaster Canada , you can visit the Ticketmaster Website and go to the Ticketmaster Login, or get information at Ticketmaster Online.

On Ticketmaster Online, you will also be able to find the Information about Ticketmaster Canada Head Office and the Ticketmaster Canada Head Office Adress.

Ticketmaster Support
220-260 Hargrave Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 5S5

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6 Thoughts to “Ticketmaster”

  1. david j

    Hi your site sucks for getting tickets!!! thx

  2. Britt

    I had a hard time finding the number for Ticketmaster to call in and order tickets. Then I get an automated odering system. What happened to talking to a real person? The automated phone ordering system is a real pain. I had to have everything repeated, especially the confirmation number (that was 4 times) because it was said to fast. You can’t ask for a specific area or row once you pick the floor you want. Trying to get something as close to others that you know are going to an event are no longer possible when everything is automated.
    Sorry but it was a pain to order this way.

  3. Helene

    I want to talk to a real person! This is unreal! Bad customer service!!!

  4. dennis

    Ticketmaster not a user friendly site

  5. MG

    Your system is not customer friendly!! Not only have I received misinformation twice now, I’ve just spent the last 67 mins ON HOLD WAITING FOR A PERSON!!!!
    Easy & convenient way to get your tickets?? No mail, just print them off instantly at home?! More BULLSHIT!! I can’t print these, I can’t get hard copies for 3 months – NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE TICKETMASTER!! Your Customer Service is pitiful!!!!

  6. Margaret Ireland

    I know why it’s impossible to get tickets to an event off this site because 1 minute after the tickets go on sale over half of the available tickets are on sale for twice or three times the price on resale sites. Ticket master should be investigated for fraud.

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