Telus Canada is a Mobile Phone Service that is availble in almost all Canada Territory, if you may have any inconvinience or problems conecting to Telus, you can Contact the Customer Service.
Telus offers the below listed phone number to contact customer service and receive Technical Support.

Telus Customer Phone Number

for Telus Wireless Service:


if you want to call from your TELUS mobile device you can reach Telus at:


And here are some of the Telus Office Numbers, if you need to locate a specific Telus Office near your Location:

Telus Vancouver phone number:


Telus Calgary phone number:


Telus Eastern Quebec phone number:


Telus Toronto phone number:


For Telus International roaming support you can contact the following Number as Telus has a Specific Customer Service for all Roaming questions and Problems.


at this Phone Number the Customer Service may be able to help you with any issue while you are out of the country.

If you need to call telus, you can use one of the following methods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


If you are calling for technical assistance, we recommend using this method. Proper troubleshooting of issues with your mobile device may not be possible if you’re using it to call Telus.

Any other issue you may need to solve, you can visit the Telus Website and contact Telus through the Contact Us form.
The Customer Service will be glad to help you with any trouble you are may experiencing.

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12 Thoughts to “TELUS”

  1. Gloria Dempsey

    hello, I have a Nokia Flip phone 3710 that was previously under Telus, and I moved to Costa Rica. It is blocked here. I need the unblock code for my phone. My phone is an old model but I really like it and want to use it here. Can younplease help me?

    Thank you,


  2. Binod Koirala

    Hi,I am having Telus internet and was trying to add TV,I called them and I received many calls I talked with many guys. Once talked and give me the confirmation and monthly plan. I have an appointment on 11 May. I called them again,but one who told I am the original Telus staff, told there is not any appointment for tomorrow. Again the other guy told We are the original Telus staff,we have given you the confirmation. The Confirmation is originally from TELUS company what I am receiving for payment or any other plan changes. So be careful with Telus service provider, once they talked mistake about price they may tell the other guy is fake one.
    Binod Koirala

    1. I have been trying for well over 6 hours to get in contact with a Telus client care person, however all I get is a machine talking to me and that is so frustrating

  3. Courtney

    I’ve been trying to get my Telus plans back onto my phone and I can’t get ahold of ANYONE!

  4. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Hi, I live in lethbridge Alberta and I had a phne line service to you in 2008 to 2010 but I backed to my country Honduras and I finish my contract to you.
    Now I want to now how can you returme the deposit that Igave you when I opened my account with you,please answer to me to my e-mail. thanks
    Please review your file my san was: 922-488-036 and my phne was :403 394-2523

  5. Michael Charles

    Telus has terrible service.They outsource their phone support agents to locations outside of Canada.Then when the language barrier finally get to a point of redundancy I ask to speak with an agent in Canada.I was told sorry our home team informs me there are no agents available in Canada.Wow

  6. Andrea

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. Impossible to talk with a sales rep. or telus Customer Service on the Telus Customer Service Phone Number.

  7. kim bonella

    Very disappointed with TELUS. Outsourcing customer service. Unbelievable!!! Phoned for help three times and got the philipines. Terrible connection and language barrier.

    So not able to help me. Still frustrated. That is a very low blow Telus. You will lose customers!!!!

  8. Ferhn Rudy

    Telus needs to up their customer care if they really want business as they have NO idea how to treat a customer. Very ignorant towards a customers . Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Impossible to speak with a Customer Service rep.

  9. David vaneck

    Im going traveling and I called telus and now they are closed .every other time I had questions etc they were open .I wanted to change my plan to a minium priced currently paying them 120.00$ per month for 7gigs /unlimited phone calls .so now that I’m flying out tomorrow at 6:00 ,I will not be able to get ahold of them and I’ll be stuck w another 120.00$ charge . I can’t believe your still in business . especially when companies like koodo for instance, charges 40.00$ for 4 gigs /unlimited phone calls …..really Really?!?! Soooo frustrating!

  10. Earth to Mars………Telus, wake up! I know it is New Years Eve but I have an emergency as I am calling for a shut in Senior who has changed to Telus but has had no phone for over a week. She is sick, has no communication at this time. She wanted to keep her old phone number but has had nothing since changing over to your Service. Very very poor service. With such poor service I would not recommend Telus to anyone.

  11. Sam

    Over 4 hrs on hold only to get the automated we’re closed try again message and then the call ended. BS. I’m finally done with telus and calling Shaw tomorrow

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