Starbucks Canada Customer Service 800-782-7282

Starbucks is with no doubt, one of the biggest and most famous coffee houses of the world. If you need to contact Starbucks Customer Service for any reason, you can call the Phone Number we share with you in this post.

To contact Starbucks Canada call the here listed Starbucks Canada Phone Number and for example to be able to comunicate any complaints you may have regarding Starbucks Canada.

Too get information about the latest Starbucks Canada Offers or the Starbucks Canada prices, you can access the Starbucks Canada Website.

At Starbucks Customer Service, which you can reach at the Starbucks Phone Number listed below, you can get information about the nearest Starbucks Coffee House and about the Starbucks Opening Times of each Starbucks Coffeehouse.

Starbucks Canada Contact Phone Number


You can also find Online all information about the Starbucks Canada Head Office and Starbucks Head Office Adress, besides information about the nearest Starbucks Store, its Starbucks Canada Opening Hours.

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6 Thoughts to “Starbucks”

  1. Helen M.

    My complaint is with respect to the Starbucks location on General Avenue NE Calgary in Bridgeland, today, June 6th, 2015 between 3:51 pm – 4:12 pm. The barrissta responsible for filling the orders was very racist to customers who were people of colour. I was inline and I observed this happing while I was waiting in line and also waiting for my order. There were 3 young boys who are children of colour and they were very respectful to other customers around them. They waited patiently for their turn to make an inquiry to this barrisata.

    She ignored them, they continued to wait patiently and eventually asked for 3 glasses of water. She gave them their request and continued to call out other orders filled. When she called orders of several customers who were after me in the lineup, I looked up and saw my order on the counter. She never called out my order, just put it on the counter. I observed this happening the entire time I was at that Starbucks location. That barrista needs sensitivity training or she should be fired.

  2. Ron Sandor

    I am enjoying a cuppa Starbucks Christmas Espresso Blend from 2014. I purchase 10-15 pounds at a discount of this product, yearly during your online sale. I have talked with several people in stores and at your Corporate Office by phone. No one has any info and the Corporate office Representative claimed that there has never in the past been any ‘sales’ on pounds of Starbucks Coffees? Does anyone there have any information at all about this upcoming sale? Prices? Dates? Thank you

  3. Mandy

    Dear Starbucks
    I like Starbucks environment but today I order the bagel after I ate I smell very badly inside the bread. the boy who clean up the floor do not wash his hand to make the bread to the customer is very unhygienic attitude no cleaning hand to serve customers procedures. Can it be training by polite and cleaned hand the second is they don’t clean the cupboard I saw inside has ant. In finch and Yong location on November 20 2015 at 7:00 pm.thanks

  4. Wendy

    Starbucks located at Place Ville Marie;
    It is amazing how the manager does nothing, cannot clean. cannot schedule to keep the floor moving, cannot get off her chair to help her staff. Has absolutly no business sense with regards to staffing nor customer service. I haope you will actually fix this situation since the staff will most certainly leave their jobs if head office does npt fix the situation and hire proper staff.
    Hope that someone from head office actually checks these comments

  5. Anna

    Good Day,
    I purchased a Brown Leather Sleeved Starbucks Logo Insulated Travel Thermos 2004 Collectible, I love it. However, I am not able to use it to keep my coffee warm because when I wash it, the smell around the leather sleeve is unbearable.
    I have tried different methods of washing to no avail… long as the leather on it gets wet, this strong odour appears. I have called your 1800 customer service department, where I was suggested to return the product, however, I do not have a receipt for my Starbucks Thermos. Please advice.
    A loyal customer

  6. Claudia Lukasik

    I am a very frequent customer at the Edmonton calgary trail NW location (55 avenue) and I must say that over the past year I have not seen as much as a smile, hello, or ‘how are you’ from the store manager. The rest of the staff are affable enough (although not overly) but it is the manager that really sets the tone. Stone faced and unapproachable, I’m really not sure what she is doing in the customer service realm. About a month ago I was roused from my computer to the sound of a customer shouting “Every time I come here you guys treat me like shit!” Today when I politely asked the staff for a bit more steamed almond milk for my green tea latte, the manager quickly appeared to tell me that next time I would be charged. (my latte was just a bit too strong) Surely this is not the kind of atmosphere Starbucks Inc. wants to perpetuate.

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