Spotify Canada Phone Number n/a

Nothing better than listing to good music you like, and relax.

But when there is a problem with your Spotify Account and you can’t login, or Spotify was not able to
charge for service and for any reason you can’t listen to your music…?!

What will you do?
You can visit Spotify homepage and try to fix the problem, or you will need to Contact Spotify Customer Service.

Therefore we created this Website, and share with you and all readers the Customer Service Contact Details.

In this case, Spotify does not offer any Customer Service Phone Number for Canada, there is only the posibility to contact Spotify Customer Service through the website or sending an email to Spotify Support.

Spotify Canada has the following adress, if you may need to contact Spotify in person or mailing a letter

Spotify Contact
45 W. 18th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Otherwise you will need to contact Spotify through your Account.
Spotify Canada Customer Service will help you with any issue you may have for example with your Spotify Account or Spotify Download.

Please note that you can send emails and messages to spotify, for example to be able to ask Spotify about billing and credit cards, or to get information about cancelling a Spotify Account. How to Cancel a Spotify Account?

All these questions can be answered by the Customer Service Online.
Please let us know how it went, once you got in touch.

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32 Thoughts to “Spotify”

  1. Janine Atkinson

    I am wondering if the company charged me 49.95 for a subscription? For some reason i see a transaction in my bank account for that much. Why I got Jared for that price of 49.95 when I got premium for .99

  2. Amy

    The most annoying tv commercials I have ever seen. I change channels when I hear the annoying spotify ads. The worst ever. Please pull them. I will never use spotify and will switch from Rogers.

  3. matt

    im trying to cancell my premium spotify. it says on my account im a spotify free user yet im being charged

  4. Jonathan Cabral

    I need someone to call me from spotify I’ve been trying to find a number to contact! You’ve been over charging my credit card! I want to cut the service IMMEDIATELY! PLEASE CALL ME OR EMAIL THIS IS RIDICULOUS THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A NUMBER TO SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE! I WANT THE SERVICE CUT IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Alexander McLean

    Spotify will play 2 to 4 songs then completely stop or it will stop completely through a song. Why is that. How can it be fixed. Why doesn’t a company like Spotify have a phone number. Is this company a joke or lazy. Need help with this problem.

  6. Maureen assaf

    I want to cancel my subscription

  7. sergio manahan

    I want to cancel my subscription or membership.

  8. Jamie

    I want to cancel my subscription.Please give me contact info to do so

  9. Jamie stymest

    Cancel my subscription

  10. I would like to cancel my subscription please, and I should not have any charges because it was free for 3 months! Thank you! Get a phone number!

  11. Robin

    I am unable to play my playlist on my new device. I am a premium member.

  12. Nathan Favel

    I want to cancel my subscription

  13. Alfonso Siason

    Hi i would like to stop my subscription to Spotify immediately. I no longer have time to listen to music. Thank you. I cant find a Spotify customer service number.

  14. Alfonso Siason

    Hi i would like to stop my subscription to Spotify immediately. I no longer have time to listen to music. Thank you. I cant find a Spotify customer service number. Can somebody please help me with a number to call? It’s ridiculous that I have to go through so much effort just to get a phone number or a representative to talk to!!!!

  15. sharon pierre

    i need to cancel my spotify subscription asap!

  16. Alex patricio

    I cannot log in, I’m subscriber for crying out loud

  17. Jeanine Carson

    Has anyone lost their spotify and can’t reset password because it says I need a space in my email… what the ****!
    I tried a different email now that one wants me to set up an account.
    PLEASE can anyone help me, I can’t even find a phone number for them!!
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Cj

    I need the phone number they charged me the day I signed up when it’s supposed to be a free 30 day trail. I canceled it and it won’t give me the 11$ back please get back to me

  19. Dany Pantera

    Imposdible to put spotify premium and im suppose to jave it free with Fido ! They tell me to call spotify !

  20. Ana

    Hi Spotify I can’t download my music back I did premium of my iTunes it’s says that offline

  21. Kris

    I am paying for a subscription and none of my emails are recognized for a sign in. I need help logging back in or I will need to cancel my subscription. Thanks!

  22. Yawl Wasserlauf

    Hi I paid for spotify premium for one year but now it’s not working. Can you tell me why?

  23. Alex patricio

    Why I can’t listen right this very moment, looks like they’re right about this company. Why is there is no single phone no of this company. Should watch out if my bAnk acct

  24. Kyle

    I cant log in to my account..also cant get a hold of spotify..ive sent a email ..get anphone number or better assistance..this is a joke ..why would i pay for something when u cant even get tech support

  25. Nick Logan

    I would like to cancel my Spotify and have no clue on where I can find a phone number for once in the life.

  26. Michele Ivkovic

    I want to join my family but can’t because it won’t recognize my email ( The email above is not what I use. I used to belong to Spotify years ago but have no idea what the sign in is. Please reset everything! What a waste of time!

  27. Judith Gania

    I can’t log in where Can I call?

  28. Daniel

    I want to be contacted fucking immediately 3 charges in one day and i cant even acces premium u guys are a joke not even a help phone ffs? I hope i can sue u god dam guys.

  29. Kyle McAuliffe

    Spotify said I was offered a 3 month premium of 99 cents. Then turned around and charged me 99 cents only to say that I have received this offer before and must pay full price. I then decided it was not worth 10.00 so decided not to subscribe. Then u charged me 99 cents again today! Stop charging my card I’m not receiving this service! Or let me receive the service! You guys are crooks!!!

  30. Cassandra Cartwright

    I have two accounts. I didn’t realize, can I transfer my songs to the other account and then cancel it?

  31. Jared Hamilton

    Wow, so this massive international App Service has no person to person customer service? This is beyond obscene if I had known I was about to run into this issue I would never of paid for a premium account…

    …so I am currently serving a 30 day Facebook ban, because like Spotify these massive internet conglomerate’s do not give one crap about you as an individual or any of your basic rights – but because my Spotify which I GodDaMn Pay For is conveniently connected to my Facebook Account now I am banned from your service too!!! I demand a quick resolution or I will be canceling your services never to ever be your customer again, and I will make it my life’s mission to bastardize Spotify every chance I am given… I am contacting my Lawyer to see what legal parameters Spotify has violated by not providing me access to the services I paid them to give me… on account of there affiliation with Facebook.

  32. mark

    spotify won’t accept my credit card why I would like to sign up

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