Sony Canada

Sony Canada Customer Service 1-888-289-7669
Sony Canada Sales 1-877-899-7669
Sony Canada Technical Support 1-877-899-7669

Is there any Electronic Device that Sony does not manufature?
As we know, they have mobile Phones, Television, Ear Phones, Speakers, and much more… all types of accesories.

And how does the Customer Service respond?
Ever had an issue?
Please share with us, so we can get our own opinion!

if you have an Issue or Problem with your Sony Product, you can Reach Sony Canada at this Sony Canada Phone Number.
Not only to get information about Sony Driver or Sony Updates, but also you can talk to Sony Canada Customer Support about the Sony Canada Warranty or how to get Sony Spare Parts.

Call Sony Canada Customer Support at the following Sony Canada Phone Number


If you may need to obtain Sony Technical Support, you can call the same just listed Sony Phone Number, also.

The Sony Canada Customer Service is there for you, to help you with all general enquiries.

If you need to get more information about a Sony Career or Sony Canada Jobs, you should get to a Sony Location or Office and ask there.
We hardly recommend the Phone Number only for information about Sony Spare Parts and Sony Canada Warranty and Driver or Update Issues.

To get more information, you may need, you can visit the Website of Sony Canada . Besides other information, you can find information about the Sony Canada Head Office, like the Sony Canada Adress and more.

Sony Canada Head Office
Sony of Canada Ltd.
115 Gordon Baker Road
M2H 3R6

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    When is Sony going to lower the price on the PS4???? The x box one is 349.00 right now and the PS4 is 499.00 with a few games thrown in. What I am getting at is a lot of people I talk with do not want those games and would like to see the price drop to 399.00. I will NOT buy one until this happens as I am not interested in the 2 games it is bundled with. Please lower the price as I feel it is hurting your sales in the long run.

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