If you are a Rogers Client, and are having trouble with your Mobile Phone Conection or your Internet Conection, do not hesitate to contact Rogers Customer Service, as it is available to help you with any issues you may have.
Rogers offers special Netflix and Spotify Services and is one of the most innovative Mobile and Internet Services available in Canada.

Rogers Canada offers a phone number for customer service, to be able to get immediat Support, by doing just one Call to the following Number:

Wireless & Mobile Internet: 1 866 306-2333

Business Internet, Phone & TV: 1 866 727-8557

If you have questions about the Rogers Billing Cycle or did nor understand the last Rogers Bill, you can call the following Number and ask for Rogers Billing Support


For Rogers Technical Support, for example if you are not getting a good TV Signal, or your WiFi Router is not working well, you can call the Support Number you see below, and get a fast solution to any Technical Rogers Issue.


Rogers really matters about Clients and Complaints, so you will be getting a quick answer and Support in each Case.
Rogers Customer Service Team is available all day around, so you may call whenever you are having trouble with your Rogers Phone or internet Conection.

Also if you may lost your Rogers Login Details, or Rogers Password to look at your Rogers Billing online, you can contact Rogers Customer Support and get immediat Solutions.

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14 Thoughts to “ROGERS”

  1. Mary Anne Byrne

    Dear Mr. President, There is something seriously wrong with your billing system . I just received a bill for approx. $377.00. When I pay my bill monthly and my latest bill is for 123.99 . You were asking double amount minus 30.00 approx. I dispute this larger bill because, I already paid the previous month. Now I see that whenever I paid 100.00 a month during different months the bill reads payment not applicable. I also complained of no service and having only a handful of channels working for at least 3 or 4 months. The box you delivered will not set up with my phone number and I asked what the extra 29.00 was on my bill if it was for the box that does not work.She said it was a late fee. Then, I asked one of your employees and they said it was not me or my number but the system was not working. I politely asked my phone consultant – “Please tell me what have I been paying for the last few months as I have no service but a few channels?” Now, I see my bill has been arbitrarily jacked up beyond belief this month. I am tired of such poor customer service ie. no service.Your company has the unmitigated gall to ask me to pay for no services rendered . I suggest to you sir, that my bill should be reduced to reflect this lack of service and to include what I did pay monthly previously as being paid . By that reckoning , I believe your company owes me money. I also ask you to disconnect my Rogers immediately as I am no under contract or obligation to Rogers.

    Mary Anne Byrne

    1. I have the same issue…..there is something seriously wrong with ROGERS BILLING SYSTEM ITS BILLS PEOPLE TWICE. I cancelled all my services with Rogers and now by bill is 200$ just for internet??? I just paid 160/in October how can the bill be $200 in November.

      1. Simr

        you need to learn how to pay the bills before the next bill cycle starts otherwise you get charged for 2 months and end up paying the previous months bill

      2. fiona

        Completely agree. Over billing is a serious issue with rogers.
        I have changed my service to another company for a third of the price.

  2. Gary Cavanagh

    This is got to be the worse company to deal with, all my dealings with Rogers have been extremely difficult, looking forward to dealing with someone else, very shortly.

  3. elena

    Every month after receiving a bill I have to call the company and to ask why I’ve got an extra payment. Every time it is a new mistake, and I had not to pay for it, but I had to loose my time on unnecessary call!
    Dreaming to leave this company! Never sow such a bad organisation of business!

  4. Stephen Cooper

    I have not had a problem with Rogers as of yet. Of all the carriers Rogers seems to be the best. I would highly recommend them


    1. brenda

      I have had 2 carriers in my life and Roger’s is the best so far. I had a few problems with Rogers but got probs fixed. I have been with them this last time for 5 years. I have had been fortunate to get most times very nice reps and very helpful. I am sorry to hear the experience of others has not been great. I usually get to speak with the supervisor or someone higher up the chain and try to remain calm and respectful.

  5. Gloria

    Hi president
    I have a serious issue
    I have been told that they were going to fix my bill and I’ve had nothing but difficulties
    For customer service to get back to me or higher up
    These bills are outrageous
    Please fix this bill
    I have been a Rogers customer for years

  6. Victoria Laidlaw

    I was told by rogers my bill would be 300. And instead it was 600+.
    You don’t know how to add.
    In usa you can get unlimited everything for 60.00
    Rogers is a ripoff

  7. jonas

    I have been having problems with my Internet. I called them numerous times and all they said is “everything is working well at their end. Tired their lying games. Monopoly is what we r struggling for.

  8. Reena Auchoybur

    My phone is locked and i don’t know my back up pin. Please help

  9. John

    this # listed is incorrect: 1-855-381-7834

    the # for rogers support is 1888 764 3771

  10. Den

    Hi there Rogers is worst across all networks it charges twice it charges more… Every bad thing they do,,, it’s such a stupid way to take money from our pockets

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