Paypal is another Money Transfer Compay, such as Western Union, a number we shared with you recently, but Paypal Canada also offers service of recieving Payments through Online Selling and Online Shops.

If you need to contact Paypal, because you may can not access the Paypal Account or you may did not receive the Paypal Amount you had been expecting, you can call the Paypal Customer Service in Canada at the here listed Paypal Phone Number.

1 888 221 1161

If you may need help, with your account because you use Paypal to sell on your website, you can contact other Paypal Sections, such as
Paypal Sales:


Or if you are looking forward to use Paypal, but not sure about the paypal platform, you can get more information at the follwoing Customer Service Phone Number, as they will help you to compare Paypal Service with other Services such as Visa or MasterCard online Portals.

Paypal Compare Payment Solutions Or Call:


PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Any question yoy may have to PayPal, you can contact the Paypal Customer Service and Paypal Customer Support, to get answers to any question. The Customer Service will be pleased to help you with Paypal Payments, Paypal receive money, Paypal Send money, Paypal transfer..

Any other concern you may have, or to get more information about Paypal, you can visit Paypal Homepage. You will also find information about Paypal fees, Paypal Login and Paypal Coupon or about you financial online Paypal Account.

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11 Thoughts to “PAYPAL”

  1. ghislain gingras

    i have a problem with gravity defy Paypal. he can t find my Paypal payement and i don’t receive my shoes.
    the transaction was with master card capital one at Paypal.

  2. Giselle

    I have a problem with my address. For some reason my country shows up as Netherlands but I alway have lived in Canada. How can i fix this? I have tried editing and adding a new address but it doesn’t allow me when I enter my canadian postal code. Please help ASAP as I have ordered an item, I’m affraid I might never receive it.

  3. bob

    I tried to open a paypal usa account and i ould not complete my visa credit card link because my billing address is in canada and I could not show on. (Ontario) or my 6 digit zip code. Can you help.

  4. Lillian Knox

    I had transferred $50. and $ 30 from paypal to my bank account June 2 2015 and the funds are not in my account . I would like to know where my money when to ? Thank you

  5. Nathaniel

    Why is paypal takin money out of my account I havnt used this in 2 years !!!! Never bought anything

  6. Rita Hampton

    I’m a PayPal user but some of my E-mails come in another Lanquage other than English I need my account and my E-mails to be in English so i can understand what you are sayiny to me. Thankyou Rita

  7. Faith Rose

    I have tried every number to get in touch with Pay Pay with no luck – I can’t get anywhere because the credit card that you want the last digits of, has been cancelled – because through a false Pay Pal email my id has been stolen – I want to know how I will ever know if it is really PayPal contacting me or not – would the best thing to do is cancel my Pay Pal account? thanks

  8. Allan Chuley

    I have been having 200$ come out once a month on the 12th for 200$ for Paul Anthony fitness training now i want to cancel my subscription to his training but dont know what steps i need to take

  9. Brandon

    I need my account looked at. I lost a lot of money and might still be coming out!!!!

  10. carol ann rea

    I have never used my PayPal account but wish to start doing so now. I am unable to log in as I don’t remember my password and every time I try I get the same form to fill out – it just keeps going around and around. None of the phone numbers I have tried to get personal help are activated either. Please help me start up my account or at least tell me what I need to do. Thank you.

  11. Ro

    Money is not in PayPal account.. why?

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