Panasonic Canada Customer Support 1-800-561-5505
Panasonic Canada Head Office 905-624-5010
Panasonic Canada Phone Number 1-800-561-5505

Panasonic does manufacturer almost any device and product you can use daily in your household, such as TV, Camaras, Telephones, Home Appliances and much more.
Do you need help with your Panasonic Microwave? or may have had a bad experience with Panasonic Customer Service?

We would like to know your story about how Panasonic Customer Service works in Canada.
We know, that Panasonic offers a Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to contact Panasonic Canada and get help with any issue, that may presents in any device.

But if you need help with the Panasonic Online Shop, does the Customer Service answer your complaint immediatly?

To reach Panasonic Customer Service you can call the Panasonic Contact Number and get Support. You will be able to ask anything about Panasonic Warranty and Panasonic Support.

Panasonic Canada Customer Support


To obtain Panasonic Technical Support, you can call the same Panasonic Phone Number and ask for technical Support.

Panasonic Canada Head Office Adress

Panasonic Canada
5770 Ambler Drive
Mississauga, Ontario,
Canada, L4W 2T3

We share with you also the Panasonic Head Office Adress, so if you need to send your Panasonic Device or Product to get repaired, you maybe need to send it to this adress.
But before calling the Customer Service Number, we would recommend to look for solutions in FAQ section of Panasonic Website, you can visit wesite of Panasonic Canada here.

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8 Thoughts to “Panasonic”

  1. Hi,
    The Panasonic eneloop battery working temperature is -20°C in your web page but it is 0°C in Panasonic datasheet.
    How do you explain that?


  2. Just a Thought:

    I have aPanasonic MICROWAVE. All buttons are at counter, as in working surface, counter height. I wear bifocals. Can’t see lower buttons.

    I am 72, that means there is an army of baby boomers right behind me. Just a thought so you can accomodate bifocal eye glasses.
    good luck!
    Mrs. C. McGuire

  3. Gail Bacon

    We can barely hear on our Panasonic phones when someone calls. I cannot find any information in the instruction booklet to help.
    The model number is KX-TGDA20C

  4. Jim McHarg

    I’ve been using Panasonic Microwaves almost exclusively since around 1989, and loved the product(s) until today. My 12 year-old granddaughter started making some popcorn in our year old (or so) unit and after a few seconds, the microwave began making horrible noises and burst into flames. She was terrified. Imagine what would have happened to our home if the timer was set for longer and no one was near the oven when it exploded. I am shocked that a product I used to trust could be so dangerous. I have photos of the damage – and as soon as I can find an email for Panasonic Customer Care, I’ll be sharing them – but I will never again trust a Panasonic product. Period. Shame on you.

  5. Richard Gould

    I programmed my Panasonic inverter microwave oven to cook a bake potato. The potato overcooked and started to smolder. The oven was filled with heavy smoke but continued to cook. I removed the potato from the oven and placed it on a plate and outside onto my wood deck. The deck caught fire and the fire department was called to extinguish the fire! Crazy but true. Certainly the oven should be programmed to detect smoke and extraordinary heat in order to shut off. Why should I have to pay in order to report this situation to your customer service department?

  6. Angela Hill

    Good Morning I purchased a DMC-ZS50 camera February 11, 2016. It replaced my beloved ZS10 from years ago. I purchased it for a trip in February as well as one in May. While I was away in Ireland in May, I packed up my backpack for the day of touring; camera/camera soft shell case, extra clothes, water in a leakproof Contigo mug. During our day trip I went to get my camera out and it was soaking wet!! The sparking water I put in the contigo vessel leaked all into my backpack. I realized after I should not have put an effervescent liquid in the vessel…Now my camera alternately won’t function. It frequently asks me to reset calendar, and won’t zoom until I do so. Help! Feeling foolish and missing my cameras abilities. Angela

  7. Alex

    I have a set of three Panasonic phones. They say check tel line and they aren’t working. I’ve had them for a few months now. How do I fix this? I can’t call help line because my phone doesn’t work.

  8. John Krasznai

    I have an over the range Panasonic Microwave oven that is barely 3 years old – purchased in June 2014. Within a year November 2015 the magnetron and circuit board were replaced under warranty. Almost exactly a year after that in October2016 the same problem occurred. I am unable to convince Panasonic that this is a specific issue with my particular unit – something is causing the components to short. This unit is an exact replacement for the same model I replaced after 8 years so I know that Panasonic make good products but I now have a lemon.

    Panasonic have offered to replace the same components but will not cover the labour cost which are substantial. I am reluctant to pay for the repairs because statistically I have only one year before the same problem will reoccur. Advice?

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