Nissan Canada Customer Service 1-800-387-0122
Nissan Canada Fleet 1-800-387-0122

I own a Nissan Navara 2014 and I have had some very bad experience with Nissan Customer Service.
I talked several times and neither the dealer, neither Nissan Canada did respond for the Warranty of the Nissan which got broken after less than 60.000km for no reason.

Did you ever need the Nissan Customer Service? How did it go?

Nissan offers for Canada the here listed Nissan Canada Phone Number, to be able to contact Nissan Canada Customer Service and get information for example about the Nissan Models and the Nissan Warranty.

You can also call Nissan Customer Service to get information about Nissan Canada Spare Parts and the Nissan Dealers or Nissan Canada Locations.

Nissan Canada Customer Service
at the Nissan Contact Phone Number


To get information about the Nissan Models like the Nissan QashQai, Nissan Juke or Nissan Leaf, you can contact the following Nissan Phone Number and Contact Nissan Canada Customer Service

Nissan Contact


Also you can visit the Nissan Website to find more information about the Nissan Canada Customer Service and Nissan Models.

We recommend to Contact Nissan Canada to get more information, for example about Nissan Canada Financial Services, to be able to buy your Nissan, for example with a Nissan Leasing by Nissan Financial Services.

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2 Thoughts to “Nissan”

  1. Ervin yaremko

    I have a 2004 Nissan Altima which I bought new.
    The bottom floor panel on the passenger side is all but rusted out.
    The floor panel on the driver side is now rusting badly.
    I understand Nissan is aware of the problem and I wondering if a if a recall is coming or will Nissan Canada repair the problem. I understand from others with the same problem the cost to repair this upwards of $1000.00.
    Please let me know so I can address the problem with my local dealer.(Erickson Nissan Edmonton AB)

  2. M.Ghaoui


    I know a lady always calling Nissan for complaining and to get her vehicle repaired without any fees, she`s very bad influence about your Companies, I know Nissan since 1977, I have Nissan since 1980, I purchase a new Nissan every 10 years starting from Lebanon and now in Canada since 2004, I never got any problem with your dealers or Nissan parts or Customers Services, Please don`t listen to her, she wants to have a car maintenance without any fees or she will say ok I will let everybody know about the bad experience from Nissan. thanks

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