Netflix Canada Phone Number 866-579-7115
Netflix Customer Service 866-579-7115

Cant access Netflix Account?
Need to cancel your Netflix subscription?
The Netflix Customer service is available at any time to help you.

Have you ever needed to call the Netflix Customer Service?
Please leave a comment how they answered your complaint.

I use Netflix and watch movies and Netflix Series almost every day, but honestly I have never had any problem.
Netflix works fine for me… any conection problems I have had some time, where fault of the Internet provider, so I never had to call Netflix.

Had anyone ever had problems getting the Netflix App installed, or configurating Netflix for Children?

We share here with you the Netflix Phone Number, to be able to call Netflix, the biggest Movie and Series Streaming Network Worldwide.

The Netflix Canada Customer Service and Netflix Support will help you for example if you need to install a Driver to be able to watch Netflix on your SmartTV, or to get the latest Update to be able to install the App.

Netflix Canada Phone Number


Calling this Number you will Contact Netflix and get in touch with Netflix Support you will be able to recieve help with any issue at most of the time.

You also get through to Netflix Canada by email or with the Netflix Canada Contact Us form on the Netflix Customer Service Netflix Homepage.

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41 Thoughts to “Netflix”

  1. Linda Pilgrim

    I have been a Netflix customer for many years, but suddenly I am being asked to reinitialize my account and sign on again for an initial start up. Please reinstate my service as it has always been.

  2. Steven soros

    thank you for notifying me that I can’t have the prepaid card I bought a 250 dollar card for nothing thanks a lot

  3. Carlo Di Biase

    I don’t know why im paying so much when you really have so little to offer! Mostly all movies and TV shows id like to watch isn’t available on ur site but is on other much cheaper sites. Therefore i will be cancelling my account on my next billing period!

  4. C.Perez

    Please please PLEASE add some current/ new British tv shows!!! I’ve exhausted what little you have available.

  5. Lois Toye

    I’m enjoying some aspects of Netflix but am extremely disappointed with the content in Canada. I have seen what US Netflix looks like and they get a whole lot more for their money. I’m down right angry that every series I have tried to watch, even if they have been off the air for a long time, has the last few seasons missing and other series swap s are not up to date. Just 2 examples: Orange is the New Black and Weeds. Ridiculous!!!!
    Do you want your clients to jump ship or pirate US Netflix? Not good business on the part of Netflix.
    Catch up or go home.
    Very frustrated as a customer.

  6. lyne lariviere

    I order netflix for my phone then i heard it take lots of data so i canceled on my phone the next day . you charged me me and took money . look on the account did i watch anything no . i want my money . u stole from me . i never seen a bill . how can u take money from people . put my money back in my bank .

  7. Colleen White

    I have been a netfilx customer for just about a year now and have to say I am rather disapointed in the choices, there is never anything new. and when you search for a movie it is never available. I am seariously considering canceling my account. I just don’t find it worth it if there is nothing worth watching. It would also be nice if there was an option to watch the trailor of each movie.

  8. Miriam D.

    I’ve been Netflix customer for over a year, and I would like to know why old series from 2009/2011 aren’t complete. The last chapter is not included and that had happened in like 4/5 series. I am considering cancelling my account and go to my public library and better borrow it there. I am really getting fed up with this..!!

  9. Joanne

    Hello. I am wondering when newer movies will come on. The movie selection is awful. When we were in the US we had a lot more options and good choices. I am hoping things will improve before our rates go up. We are not going to continue if the rates go up and the selection is still awful.

  10. m

    I’m a little upset that’s the only show lethal weapon but not two three same thing with Lord of the Rings the only show the first one but they don’t show the others

  11. Justin

    If you guys don’t sharpen up this Netflix a little bit we will be cancelling our subscription as well… There’s a mediocre selection of movies at best. And then when I go to watch one of my all time favorites, The Boondock Saints II, it’s been removed!!! The first one is still there, so WHYREMOVE PART 2?!?!?

  12. Diane Walkem

    Netflix Canada is a total ripoff. I signed up for a “free” month trial. They charged my Mastercard for the”free” month and have since charged me twice this month!!
    Needless to say, I will be cancelling the service and asking for a full refund.

  13. Carina

    Hi, I was wondering if netflix will have season 6 and 7 of the vampire diaries soon? If do do you know when? Thank you.

    1. Jerry – I know that Danny went through some difficult times with SHU fans when he was a player at The Hall. Does he harbor resentment / ill will towards the university and or its adiinmstration? One would think that an alumnus of the university would take pride and want to better the school in which they came from. Clearly you have to be objective, as a reporter, but I would imagine / hope that you are a SHU fan, as you’re an alum!

  14. suzan

    kindly upload and download latest new and old hits Bollywood movies, so we can enjoy..Thanks

  15. Shannon

    I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with Netflix not loading or continuously trying to load in the middle of watching something. I’ve check my network everything else is fine it is only Netflix. My Netflix is up to date. This is getting really annoying.

  16. kahlon

    Hello.why is Netflix charging me twice for month. call me pl

  17. sandra

    I would really like a western section..
    old or new doesn’t matter.
    westerns need their own area.

  18. Terri

    Covert Affairs season 5 is out of order…. Please fix it… So far episode 3 is episode 1…

  19. Keeps freezing up in the middle of the show and it shoudnt be…could u fixvur problem over there please thanks

  20. melinda

    Just wondering why is the selection so poor, old movies and cheap low budget movies. Not happy at all.

  21. cheryl

    Bring back the Nickelodeon shows – especially House of Anubis!!! (my 8 year old is pleading with Netflix to please do this) . . .

  22. morley winter

    I am trying to activate Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV. went to app and got activation code from netflix tv app.
    Cannot get to in order to get it activated.

    The code is 5ZUD9. Could you activate it for me? My email is
    Thanks Morley Winter

  23. Jamie

    Very annoyed at the fact of watching programs on Netflix and every 5 to 10 minutes it freezes very disappointed we have the best Internet unlimited and this is happening…please fix this or lose a good customer!

  24. Margaret Kirtley

    Customer Service Rep was very polite and helpful. My account was active again immediately ty. ps I tried to stay on the phone to do the survey but lately I haven’t been able to get my touch tone service on my phone to work. I hope the review here is just as good.

  25. Geoffrey

    First of, we are in Canada; if I go to a store selling DVDs , 95% of the movies (and tv shows) will have an English and a French audio version . Second, as many people said, the choices of movies are poor (it’s not like you guys offer the box office movies – Inception, A Clockwork Orange or pulp fiction just to name a few) and how you’re going to have Iron man (2008) and not be able to give Iron man 2 (2010) and 3 (2013) or have just one season of shows that are currently on their 5th season on other streaming sites?

  26. Astrid

    I have been trying to watch the movie The Dead Lands but it does not appear to have any subtitles. Are they supposed to be there for the movie to show up later in the movie. I’m about 15 minutes into it and still nothing.

  27. We had to cancel our credit card someone hacked our account I was wondering if you except the prepaid visa or MasterCard cards, I also heard you can buy Netflix cards kind of like iTunes cards are they available in Canada . please let me know Not sure how long it will take to get a new credit card .

  28. Clayton

    Are any of the 4K movies or shows streaming in UHD HDR for Canadian Netflix?

  29. newbery

    Just cancelled my subscription with this useless site. Their Canadian content SUCKS. I have watched 1 movie in the last year and at 8 dollars a month , that was a very expensive movie. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER

  30. Kathy

    I have cancelled my membership. For some reason Netflix taking double bank payments from my acct. now this month Jan 4/16 $8.99
    Jan 5/16. $8.99
    Jan 21/16 $8.99
    Jan 22/16 $8.99
    Sure hope these withdrawals out of my account disappear now that my Netflix Account has been cancelled.

  31. haggis

    Have not watched netflix for 3 months, if rates go up and content is not improved dramatically. I will be cancelling next month and will not return…

  32. Lara

    I phoned the Canada number. They asked what they could help with. I told them I was calling about some unauthorized charges to my account that I had cancelled early last year. The firs response was – and I kid you not – to ask me for my CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!! Do not give them the time of day.

  33. Ethan

    Can netflix canada put avatar the air bender television series in it! its the best show!!!!!!!

  34. renal


    Orange is the new black season 4 is not available on my netflix. Is there a reason, a fix?


  35. jan

    my credit card had been compromised with some online purchases not made by me, so had to get issued a new card, and now netflix wont take my new card number over the phone , wants me to go online and enter…they dont seem to realize i wont do that due to obvious reasons, after excalating my problem to a manager, and saying i now cant get netflix,what can you do for me? … the manager hung up on me…very disappointed in netflix !

  36. Dale

    We have been Netflix customers for some years. Lately we have had ” Netflix is unavailable” What is up with that. Take the money and run!!! Netflix is at risk of loosing customers just as cable has done. Hope things get better without the monetary grab.

  37. I am greatly concerned at the lack of international movie access availability of in particular to the almost nonexistence of top quality NZ and Australian movies.

    The onslaught of American garbage and violent movies does nothing to endear your culture to the once respected for their independence of originality is now sadly lacking. You now appear to be under the guise of America cultural bs.

    Please consider your customers values, wants and needs. There is a big world of cultural enrichment other than what we here have and been subjected through narrowing of a squinting eyes

  38. Bev Moore

    We want access to Doc Martin in Canada please

  39. Ruth Ann Duffy

    Now that Shomi is closing down, would love to se the tv series of Stalker on Netflix!

  40. Every time I try to watch a program through NETFLIX, I cycles out, and I am so frustrated. Customer service is non-existant. Change channel no, etc. still no success. PASS THE BLAME is a unique way of dealing with problems. I have a very high speed modem, only a little over a year old. If service does not improve, my only option will be cancelling my subscription.

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