Microsoft offers for all clients in Canada the here listed Microsoft support phone number. Through this contact Number you can contact Microsoft and get help with any technical or programming issue you may have.

The Customer Service Team will be helping you imediatly, and for example if you have problems with any Software installing like Office or issues getting a new program running, the assistance will guide you through most of the paths.

Microsoft Customer Cupport Phone Number Canada

800 642 7676

Also there is a toll free Phone Number available, if you’d like to prefer these kind of Phone Numbers to call.
Microsoft customer service number Canada. Microsoft 1800 customer support.


Most of the Microsoft Softwares are beeing installed really easy, but anyway there are some points in which you’d may like to get some help. Therefore you can call the above listed Phone Numebr.
Also if you are a client of Msn Messenger or Facebook Messenger or any other product of Microsoft, you can contact the above listed Phone Number, if you are having trouble with your Password or for example you are not able to access Microsoft Login.

The Support Team will be there for you and help you with any issue you may have.

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6 Thoughts to “MICROSOFT”

  1. I have Microsoft word on my iPad and I have lost the document I had been working on several days on. It was on auto save and I checked my recent documented, my email, and I can’t find it anywhere. Is there any way u could get it back????

  2. Scott

    I purchased Microsoft Office for my Mac Book Pro computer. When I open Outlook, it requests that I enter the 25 digit Product Key. However, when I do this, I receive the message “The Product Key is not valid”. I have tried numerous times with the same result. Please advise how I can use Outlook when I am receiving this message.

  3. pierre

    my windows 8 was fonctionning very well but when I install the windows 10
    that was unfunctional (no sound and can not play video).I went back to
    the previous version,the one that I like (windows 8)and was running very
    well but since I went back from windows 10 to windows 8,weird things
    is happening like the zoom will go down or up without me touching anything.


    1. Brent Keating

      Have windows 10 for a year. Downloaded from the web. No problems till now…it will lock up and give a black screen and tell me ” Disk Boot Failure; insert system disk and press enter. I have to turn the machine off and then restart to be able to get back in. Help. Brent.

  4. J. Hultkrans

    Downloaded minecraft and had to set up an account and password. Now my computer won’t recognize my old password or the new one and then tells me to go online for help with the problem. How can I go online if I can tell even get on the computer. Going to cost me a repair bill to,or row. I am not happy!

  5. Greg Banach

    I phoned customer support, looking for support with my Open License Order. They guy just said: “this is not the right place’ and hung up on me.
    Great support center!!

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