Metro is a Grocer Food Concern in Canada, which offers the here listed phone number to contact customer service.

For example to get information about the newest offers or the current Flyer, you can call the local Grocer near your location and get more information.

The Consumer Service team is there for you to ensure your satisfaction.
You can contact Metro Quebec at the following Phone Number:


For example, if you bought something with your online account, you can get support at the Web support:

1 866-638-0020

If you may need help in Ontario, you can ask at the Support for Ontario at this Phone Number:

Metro Canada Contact Ontario


Metro has very competitive prices in food products, such as Meat, Fruits and Vegetables.
but you can also order Online Catering or get information about Recipes on the Metro Website.

Any help you may need, you should contact the Metro Customer Service, also you can get in touch to leave your comments or suggestions about the metro market at your location.

If you need information about the Metro opening hours or the current products you can contact Metro Customer Service at the above shown Phone Number.

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