HP is leader in building and developing printers, scanners and Hardware devices for your computers and tablets.

In Canada there is the following support phone number to be able to contact HP, and ask questions to the HP Canada technical support or the Customer Service.

If you may need HP support or assistance with any HP Driver, or you may need to download a new HP Driver you can contact the HP Customer Service, through the Website and find help there or you can contact HP at the HP Phone Number and receive technical Support to be able to install or get working a Device you may wouldn’t be able to get working without any help.

HP Canada customer service number

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week for Most Products

Hewlett Packard manufactures not only printers and scanners for private use, also there is a huge count of devices and softwares they develope, such as HP Notebooks, HP Tablets and Accesories.

If you need information about HP Warranty or would like to know more about a HP Device, or need to download a HP Driver, you can contact HP Customer Service at the above listed HP Phone Number.

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5 Thoughts to “HP”

  1. Jackie

    I have just purchased a new pavilion notebook and am trying to get in touch with tech support x2 and the line keeps cutting out and then goes dead. I need someone to contact me for assistance. The 1800 number is not working and the notebook is also not working hence can’t connect to internet.

  2. Vlad

    Unfortunately, HP avoids any e-mail contact with its custimers. It’s time to buy products from some other company.

  3. Susan Kelemen

    HP has completely alienated me. I used to like their printer, but they have seen to it that I cannot unsubscribe from their solicitations. This is illegal in Canada. If litigation is the only way, so be it. I never in a million years thought that HP would be that stupid.

  4. maximo cabrera

    i send my laptop to repair 1. 1/2 month ago and they tell me that take 9 day to repair and they change many times , that date to delivery , a this time is impossible contact a costumer support to have answer from hp. i think it is not fair for a company like hp to do that, i am disappointment that hp company.

  5. The technicial phone number I contacted was 1-800-586-9643, for HP, trying to file a complaint which is not going to do any good, for the scamming operators they hire. In canada had same problems with BELL telephone using India and trying to scam people if they think they can get away with it, I sent a picture of my warranty attached to their email they sent, then got confirmation they got it, that was Nov,8,2016, I call on Nov 17, 2016, now they say they didn’t receive it, and can’t find the receipt, that confirmed. I am pissed offff, this hole thing is BULL..

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