Support Phone Number Google Canada

Google is the main and most important Search Engine and offers a Google Support and Google Customer Service for clients and users at Google Haedquaters at:

Google Canada has the following Google Phone number available for Google support.
Any question you may have about Google Adwords or Google Adsense, you can contact Google at the following Google Support Phone number.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

You can contact Google and reach the Google Support Service at any moment.
Google Phone Number

+1 650 – 253 – 0000

Any questions you may have about Search Engine, SEO, any other Google Project, you can visit contact Google directly or contact Google Customer Service through the Google Homepage.

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16 Thoughts to “GOOGLE CANADA”

  1. Wendy MacKenzie

    I am very frustrated customer of Google docs. I do not get an answer at 1-650-253-0000. For your information the past two days I have sat on hold for eight hours yesterday and five hours the day before. I never did reach at customer service agent. I got tired of being on hold. I desperately need to speak to someone who can help me with the problem I am having printing the Google documents! Thank you

    1. I like it very much, and great to see you are still around Suri.Hop back into STO soemmite, not to mention AoA , we miss you mate.

  2. Hi there,

    When I google my name this URL comes up. They got this from the Summum online magazine years ago. The Summum magazine no longer has me on their website. I would greatly appreciate it if we could eliminate this URL off of search engine.

    Thank you very much for your help,
    Sidney Blackburn

  3. Kim McGillivray

    I was wondering how to add a Lodge’s name to the search column?
    I Google mapped Temagami, ON and then put in Lodges in the search column, but one particular Lodge didn’t appear. How do we get it as a Pin on the map?

  4. Jeff Grant

    Dear Madame or Sir

    I have been a loyal user of Google and Google Chrome for quite some time. As of late Google has seen it necessary to impose audio pop-up ads in the lower right corner of the web screen. Do you know how annoying these are?? I use this search engine to research numerous products by my choice. These pop-ups are disruptive and distracting. Once when you access a web site is one thing, but to have them appear every time to visit a new site is ridiculous. Can’t imagine what genius in your Marketing department thought this up. This is compounded by the introduction of your annual survey. Every time you log onto the Google in the past two days, this thing disrupts your navigation. How many times do you expect the CUSTOMER to fill this out?

    If it keeps up, I will need to start using another search engine. That would be irritating, since Google is one of the best formats to use.


  5. Why is there no answer at 1-650–253–0000, Google Canada Phone Number, I was on hold for several hours and was listening to music with constant reminders that my call is important and that an agent will get to me soon and thanking me for my patience and understanding! Well I lost it and hung up after 2 hours on hold!!!

    I think Google Canada need to hire more people!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tom airth

    I am wondering if it is possible to get the date of when a picture was taken of my residence for google maps street view. Residence is located at (my direction). Burlington Ontario Canada . Thks for whatever help you can offer.

  7. My google account has been suspended and not working for a very long time now i havent been able to check my email since oct since i have and android and only got a google email because of my cell phone and only use my cell phone not my computer this is very annoying also Google customer service department is none existent as with everyone elses complaint nobody answers the phone at google.
    have you ever thought of having a call back service where people who need help can call and leave there phone number and have you call them back. I find it very rude and that you would think that your time at google is so important that you would waste people time letting them sit on hold for 8 hrs or 2 days unnecessarily.please fix your crappy customer service.if you have ever heard the saying if you get good service tell a friend if you get bad service tell the world, i totally believe in this saying and if you dont pay any attention to your customers eventually its goig to start hurting your bottom line.

  8. I am receiving phone calls from someone stating they are from Google wanting to update my account. When they are given info abut where to find us on the Google map they are telling us we are somewhere else and they won’t change it on the map they are asking about a telephone box on a poll in our back yard. no telephone box any where near us. So does Google call volunteer/Charity organizations?
    How do we get this to stop?


  10. Alp K

    Why is it so difficult to contact these companies about their divices? I have had nothing but grief with my Nexus 5 since getting it that when my peroid is up on my contract I won’t be using their phone again. A company in today’s world has to know that customer support is more important then stupid aps etc. The only way we can let them know how pissed off we are getting is to buy a Samsung or Apple product. You never get a chance to make a first impression again….and my impression of Google and this phone are leaving a pretty sour taste in my mouth…

  11. Marivic Gavino

    I keep changing my password in my gmail account but I still receiving spam emails in my yahoo account coming from my google mail account. I don’t know what to do. Pls help. Thank u.

  12. Sarah

    I am trying to locate a customer support email address rather than number.
    If anyone could direct me to where I could find it I would appreciate that.

  13. Darrell ogden

    Google has put me and my picture on a wanted poster from prince george bc.i have tried for 3 years to have this removed. People see this and call the police which causes me extremely hard times. Can anyone help

  14. Nol

    How can I simply call Google Canada, anyone know? You look and look on Google for Google and zip info! Just USA!

  15. Dejan

    RE; Attention for Google responsable

    Dear Sirs
    I’m writing this email in regards of 2 emails that you have send me 1 email
    to the email above and the other email adrese;coyote.., and you have informed me about illegal sign in on my google account in Serbia.
    Thank you for concern but I am presently in Serbia for vacations and it
    was me who tried sign in my gmail account
    Thank you kindly
    Yours very truly
    Dejan Mladenovic

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