Garmin, is currently one of the greatest GPS manufacturer for vehicles and manual GPS devices.
If you may have any question to Garmin, or need to get the latest Garmin Update and can not access through the ggarmin website,
you can call the Garmin Canada Customer Service at the here listed Garmin Phone Number.

Garmin Canada Support Number:


If you would like to order the latest Garmin Device or place an order by phone, you can call the following Garmin Customer Service Phone Number.
To order Garmin products by phone

800 800-1020

For technical Support of Garmin, you can also call the above listed Phone Number, and get help from the Garmin Customer Service Center.
They accept devices that need to get repaired.

The Garmin Headquaters can be reached at:

Garmin Canada Address:
1200 E. 151st Street
Olathe, KS 66062-3426

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11 Thoughts to “GARMIN”

  1. Dale

    I have a Garmin Dakota 10. I am wondering if there is a way to make the names of towns stand out more than the names of lakes or make the town names bigger. I have a map for Northern Ontario and it very hard to find the towns such as Cochrane, New Liskerard etc.



  2. Kevin Holland

    Hello I have a Garmin 910xt which is about 3 yrs old and the heart rate monitor is terrible. I have bought 3 straps and 2 sensors and have replaced batteries etc and it has been sporadic, inconsistent but usually does not pick up ie not work…I paid over $500.00 for this unit because I do triathlons. The swim function is also hit and miss and usually inaccurate..Please could I just get a new heart rate monitor or sonehow have this problem addtessed as my wife bought a Garmin 110 and had no issues..Thank you…Kevin Holland Garmin serial number is…

  3. CBlais

    I have a nuvi 1250 – it’s barely been used by us – although we had found it useful when we did have to use it – anyway – now it will not power up! not plugged into the car or the computer??? I guess the battery must be dead – I’d like to replace the battery – can I pay to have that done through the company?

  4. Rose

    I have just purchased a nuvi 2597 and I have updated the maps and have plugged it into computer to get it to work. I have it plugged it into my car and it has worked wonderfully and then yesterday and now today again it won’t turn on at all seems dead then at other times it works fine? not sure why? Can you please tell me why this would happen?

  5. Al

    I have had a nuvi 1450 for several years and it has worked well. I need to download a map update and can’t find my computer connection cord. Where could I purchase one of these and what would be the approx. cost? Can I order direct from Garmin?

  6. Richard

    I have just purchased a an Garmin Oregon 650t
    Apparently I have misplaced the “setup” application
    and My unit is not recognizing the micro sd card I’ve installed

  7. Alexander

    I am a loyal customer and currently have the garmin nuvi40 and have been using it for quite a while. It is time for me to update the software on the device but I am required to provide the serial number of the device. The issue is that number was shown on a sticker that was attached to the device. Overtime that sticker has fallen off and I no longer have it. Is there another way for me to update the GPS without giving that number or is there at least another method for me to figure out the serial number? In the past I would just connect the GPS and have it update automatically. Thanks in advance, let me know what I can do.

  8. I have have food places on my screen and don’t know how to remove them ?

  9. Lynda

    The screen on my vivosmart device is fading. What can be done about it?

  10. len st-pierre

    i have a Garmin Aproach modelS3 i.d.# 2L 40 16694 which will not comlete 18 holes of golf-after 15 holes she blacks out! is it possible to obtain and install a new battery for this unit which up to last year served me extremely well-if not is it possible to exchange it for something more modern-many thanks-len

  11. bev

    How do I update my garmin. It is telling me that it is out of date by
    approx. a year?

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