Facebook Canada Phone Number

Facebook Canada, with no doubt one of the biggest and recently grown companies of the world, offers this Facebook Phone Number, to get in contact with Facebook Headquaters in US.

You can Contact Facebook for any question you may have, at the facebook contact number listed below.
The Facebook Canada Customer Service will help you with any inquiry you may have for example with your Facebook Account or Facebook Page. Also if you have any problems with Facebook Ads, you can contact Facebook Support at the following Facebook Canada Support Phone Number.

Facebook Canada Phone Number

001 – 650 – 543 – 4800

Facebook Support is available at the Facebook Canada Phone Number, at all times, to help you with any issue or question you may have.
You also can Contact Facebook Canada through email and with the Facebook Canada Contact Us Form on the Facebook Customer Service homepage.

Facebook Canada or Facebook Canada attends complaints by mail, there is no Facebook Customer Service Phone Number in Canada, to answer questions immediatly.
Facebook offers a Customer Service and a Facebook Support from US.

If you have lost your Facebook Password you should contact Facebook, through your login panel, where you can follow step by step instruction to recover your facebook Password.

After that, if you can not recover it, for example because you have no longer access to your old email adress, you can contact facebook by phone.
Also if you need to contact Facebook, to eliminate a Facebook account that you think is fraud or that is of a person that is no longer using it, please follow the steps you find in your Facebook Configuration Panel.

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15 Thoughts to “FACEBOOK”

  1. balmore

    i have so many problems to conect to facebook pls help me every password you send me is not working i am getting so fustraited

  2. Arnold Penk

    My Camera which I purchased few days ago on eBay does not work properly
    1) Item came in a box which was not originally sealed, looked like a return item.
    2) Night Vision does not work
    3) Remote controls don`t work
    I wrote to seller about it, so far no reply
    I am disappointed

  3. jessica

    can facebook call my cell number instead of sending me my codes through text? I am not receiving any text messages with my codes to sign in.

  4. I can not open my FB . Please help me .
    Thank you

  5. farshad yavari

    hi . 1 week ago facebook blocked me for a fake person, but is not true. they showed me many kids picture I coulden known them .. I got new girfriend in facebook but I cant contact whits her pleas unblocking me ./thanks for help

  6. Howard Garstad

    I seem to have two accounts cancel the telusplanet one as it iterfers with my other email address

  7. eman

    Facebook. Asked to give a prove who is me and i did but still my Facebook doesn’t work plz help

  8. kathleen

    Hey am very frustrated I can’t login to my Facebook I feel like somebody had delete I don’t know what to do please help

  9. Meg

    I tried using my password but it’s no working, pls help me.

  10. amandeep

    I tried call u you don’t pick up plese help me

  11. Antoine Lafayette

    still can’t see my friends list

    are you going to fix that?

  12. Skye Kinsella

    Tried uploading an album about 5 times last night. The first 3 times the album had doubles and the 4th and 5th the photos wouldnt load at all. Now I cant upload any photos at all.

  13. Janes Porter

    My facebook page was locked. I called 2 numbers and these East Indians said that if i paid $640 for lifetime protection they could unlock it! This sounds like a scam! Is Facebook now by a paid subscription?

  14. I think my account was hacked because I can’t log in with my correct password please help

  15. Joy Concepcion

    It was almost 4 weeks that I can’t login to my account. It is frustrating it always says that “unfortunately I can’t access to my account because you have to review my page and let me patiently wait until your further notice “.

    What the heck needs to be reviewed since I owned that account! And there is no action coming from you since I provided a file you are asking for!
    What now???
    What action did you make??

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