Ebay Canada phone number 8662781053

If you had any problems buying a product on Ebay Canada, you should imediatly inform Ebay Canada about your problems.
You can do so through your account, and inform a fraud or make Ebay know that the seller did not respect the Ebay Legal notes, or you can call the Ebay Canada Phone Number. and customer service and inform your problem personally.

Contact Ebay Customer Support for any question you may have about your Ebay Account, or your ebay Account suspended. Because also there is a possibility that someone reports a problem of your account.

Ebay Canada Contact Phone Number is available for registered users, to ask anything related to Ebay Sell or Buy Articles, alo you can Contact Ebay Canada, to obtain information about Ebay Fees and Prices as well as Information about Ebay Policies.

Ebay Customer Support Phone Number

866 – 278 – 1053

Any other information you may need about Ebay Canada, you can recieve it from the Ebay Customer Support, through the Ebay Customer Service Phone Number listed above or directly on the Ebay Website.

Always remember, if you buy products on ebay be sure that the seller has positive reviews, as there are lots of sellers trying to sell frauds around. For any doubt you may have you shoukd contact Ebay before buying.

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18 Thoughts to “EBAY”

  1. Claude Pryce

    I bought a ASUS laptop battery which I received on Monday January 19, 2015. On EBAY. The battery I received was the wrong one. I am now unable contact the seller and have being getting a lot of run around, from the contact that I have. Please help

    Claude Pryce

  2. Now that I have returned the Battery to the seller. How long will it take for my account to be credited. I was told that it would be already. Package was delivered on February 3, 2015.
    Canada Post Tracking Number 0100778000571545

  3. yusraj

    hi there, i bought a dress from ebay and then i returned it on Feb 10, 2015, to the address that the seller gave me, now she is saying she didn’t receive it, it has been a month that i am in touch/fight with her but she simply says i dont have it, i dont recieve it, please tell me what to do? i try to contact Ebay by phone but Ebay phone is just not getting through. please help.

  4. Karen Manguiat

    I haven’t received my order of 2 items that I ordered last Jan. 25, 2015 from EBay.

    As I go to my purchase history and these items are not available. Please help in showing me these items so that I can open a dispute case and EBay could step-in and refund my payment if item will really not come at all.

  5. Karim hirani

    Hi I bought an item. My pay pal account got the tracking number.
    The sellers did not deliver to an address in the stated. I got my other order but not this
    I do need the product delivered to the address I provided as I will be in the states.
    Please let me know whats the problem when I have been charged.

  6. Kavin deol

    i was told that my package has been dileverd on this day and i has not come what do i do

  7. Joe

    I bought a u8 smart watch off eBay. ….received the item it didn’t work was told to resolve it through eBay seller told me to keep the broken watch and said they would send a new one. Felt like ebay pressured me to solve the problem in a time frame. …..still waiting for my watch

  8. Harjap

    I order a pen on June 28 and It is July the 14 when is it going to come it said it was coming from hongkong

  9. Its been 11 days since i paid the lacoste shirts to this sellers name aspenlynne with the item. i sent messages to the seller but no one reply my message. i also sent message to the ebay but i didn’t recieve any answer. i dont know what else i can do.

  10. Rodney from Canada

    I was suspended over a yr cause I had more then then 1 computer and my IP address changed all the time my net provider said thats normal. Anyhow posted on twitter that I like amazon better cause they dont care how many computers U got or if IP address changed.

  11. Dina

    Its been 5 days since i paid for the AMWAY-profumo di donna-ANTICIPATE INTENSE through paytm to this sellers name seforapapapietro13 with the item. i sent messages to the seller but no one reply my message. i also sent message to the ebay but i didn’t recieve any answer. i dont know what else i can do.

    Need your support on this case, will be great if you could give me a tentative date of delivery.The item number is 252086658546

  12. I bought lots of stuff from ebay. I received the things which is max under 10 dollars worth but did get most of the items which worth of almost 300 dollars. I bought the things fir a Christmas gifts. The problem is now i was enquire the items and ebay give me reply it was 3rd party items ebay not responsible. I lost my too much money. I paid by paypal. I have all transactions record . ebay is not the responsible web for buying anything.

  13. Rosie

    im cannot sign in to my account. Each time I try it keeps telling me oops wrong password. When I know it is the right one. I have had problems every time I need to get in to ask about my parcel. So frustrating!!!! Is anyone else experiencing this problem

  14. J.B.STONNE


  15. katheryn

    Hi. I wanted to purchase a lanyard and I tried to use my visa-debit. The transaction said error please use another type of card.. But yet the funds have been debited from my account?… How do I get my money back?!?

  16. Sophia Cheng

    I have bought new Apple Iphone 6S and just got it on Aug 29, 2016 and the battery is so bad just charged 100% in the morning and go to work only few hours it down to 37% and the things is I barely use it.:(
    Can we get it return for this item i bought because i think ebay is a pretty good reputation website.

  17. Brenda O'Connell

    Cannot load any pictures for ebay. Been selling since 2000. How come it has stopped working.

  18. Joe

    I haven’t recieved the item I ordered at the begining of november 2016.It is now January 1 2017.I can not sign on the website to track the package or to get any other details.I have tried calling ebay on the phone but can’t get through.Is this place a legitimate buisness? HELP!

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