CraveTV Canada Phone Number 1-888-272-8388
CraveTV Customer Service 1-888-272-8388

Problems with CraveTV,
Why don’t you call Crave Customer Service at the Number we share with you in this post, today.

May the Customer Service will be able to help you.
please let us know how it went, as we llike to share opinions and Experiences of readers on this website.

CraveTV Canada offers this Crave TV Phone Number, to get in contact with CraveTV Support.

Crave TV Canada Phone Number


CraveTV Support is available at the CraveTV Canada Phone Number, at all times, to help you with any issue or question you may have, You also can Contact CraveTV Canada through email and with the Crave TV Canada Contact Us Form on the Crave homepage.

CraveTV Canada attends complaints by mail also, and there is the above listed CraveTV Customer Service Phone Number in Canada, to answer questions immediatly.

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5 Thoughts to “CraveTV”

  1. kim

    Why in CRAVE tv commercial they do advertise BOTH seasons of south park? There are actually 20 seasons. Isn’t that false advertising making it sound like there’s only TWO?

  2. william hynes

    I want a full refund for the month i was charged. your service doesn’t work as it should. I’m only able to access crave tv via my apple tv which took my difficulty to set up. Now it claims there are too many devices even though their is only one registered.

  3. Mike Hansen

    I can play my cravetv I paid my 90 dollars for the year and it’s saying I need i subscription to play video so what’s going on

  4. Mike Holt

    Why is it that trying to fix the playback error occurring on my Xbox one console that now it is saying I no longer have a subscription what so ever? Why is this happening?

  5. Donald Rodgers

    How about PayPal option ? I tried MasterCard prepaid card and it doesn’t work at all. Support really sucks I can’t use telephone… I am hearing impaired and cannot communicate thru telephone. What about support chat feature on CraveTV website. You guys are terrible and seem to be exhibting a servere form of Audism.

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