CitiBank Canada

CitiBank Canada Customer Service 1-888-638-2274
Citi Bank Canada Phone Number 416-947-5500
Citibank Online Banking 416-947-5300
Lost and stolen credit card

Most Banks have horrible Customer Service and you will have to hold on line for hours to get a solution or answer regarding any complaint.
We heard that Citibank is different and that in most cases the Customer Service Team tries hard to get your problem solved,

Did you have any expeirence with Citi Bank Customer Service? Ever called the Customer Service Phone Number of Citibank?
How would you rate the Service?

We share with you, here, the Citibank Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to call in any case you might need advice of the Customer Service, for example if you are having problems with Online Banking.

For general questions about Citi Bank Banking, you can contact CitiBank Customer Service at:


Also you can Contact Citi Bank Canada to notify about a Stolen or lost credit card, you should do so immediatly, if you Lost Credit card CitiBank at:


If you have specific questions about CitiBank Online Banking you should contact Citi Bank Customer Service at the following CitiBank Canada Customer Service phone number:


Any other comment or question you may have about CitiBank, or about a specific CitiBank Office in your town, for example about the Citi Bank Office Hours, you can contact CitiBank at the following CitiBank Customer Service Phone


To obtain more information about CitiBank or about the Citi Bank credit card, you can visit the CitiBank homepage, and get there information about the CitiBank Swift, Aba Number and CitiBank Routing number.
Also you can find another CitiBank Contact Number, for your inquiry.

Also you can Contact CitiBank Canada at the CitiBank Canada Head Office at:

Citibank Canada
Citigroup Place
123 Front Street West, Suite 1900
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2M3

Any further information, you should Contact CitiBank Canada.

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  1. Christian Riofrir

    Dear Mam/Sir,

    Good afternoon.

    I would like to make an inquiry on how will I make payments on my CiTIBank Rewards credit card. I’m now leaving here in Canada and would like to continue paying my CITIBank Rewards credit card in the Philippines.

    Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    Christian Riofrir

  2. HADY

    re: personal account opening

    kindly also what is needed to open a personal account

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