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Chrysler Canada Customer Service 1-519-973-2000
Chrysler Canada Financial Services 1-519-973-2000

Any problem with your Chrysler?
How does Chrysler in Canada Manage Customer Service? Are complaints beeing answered?

We own a Chrysler 300, and have never had any problems, so we have honestly no experience with Chrysler Customer Service, but we would really like to get to know your story and share with the readers how your contact to Chrysler Canada Customer Service went…
Please leave a comment below.

We can reccomend you and share with you the Chrysler Canada Phone Number you would need to call, to contact Chrysler Canada Customer Service, for example to get information about the Chrysler BrandsChrysler Canada Spare Parts, you should look for the specific Brand and locate a Dealer.

Chrysler Canada Customer Service


But if you need information about Chrysler Financial Services, or the Chrysler Models you can get a Chrysler Leasing for, such as the Chrysler Ypsilon, Chrysler 300C or Chrysler Grand Voyager, you can visit Chrysler Group Website and find information there, or Contact Chrysler Canada Customer Service.

This is a little list of the Chrysler Brands In Canada:

RAM Canada
Dodge Canada
Chrysler Canada
Jeep Canada
Fiat Canada

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19 Thoughts to “Chrysler Group”

  1. Wedsite FAR TO DIFFICULT to find anything. Spent 20 minutes and never did find an e-mail address to send CUSTOMER SERVICE Complaint to

    1. Robert Carey

      I made a formal complaint Feb 5 with customer service followed up with a registered letter Feb 6 with the history of my complaint and as of this moment I have had no reply from anyone. That is not what I call customer service. Could someone please get in touch with me. Thanks

  2. Melissa

    I require an email address to send a complaint. I’m tired of of employees not standing behind what they say. I want all further communications to be in writing. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  3. scott

    I currently just purchased 2015 dodge ram and my stereo in is nav ready want my problem is why is crysler canada charging 5 to 800 dollars for a simple software upgrade, i can see charging a third of that for dealership labour hours but this is an outrage not a happy dodge customer!!

  4. jay

    I had my car towed to a dealership 5days ago and was told they may check it out sometime next week. How is this ok. Please contact as u make it impossible to contact Chrysler

  5. Sidney

    can I have information on mechanic problems with tires and lug nuts loose

  6. Patty Gutfriend

    what about the journey r/t braking ? Have had rotors done once ? And now brakes qt 54000 Kms should never happen ! Maybe something with rotor size so I see on ever
    ything I google about dodge journeys pretty parhetic that dodge won’t back it

  7. Patty Gutfriend

    Yes and braking system sucks! Never buy a dodge again ! Going back to imports

  8. Chris

    Nice fuse box in a 2007 ram 2500, you hit the door locks and the transfer case goes in and out of low to 2wd! Junk! Going to buy a toyota

  9. Chris

    And my 2008 town and country is a pile, has 164000 kms and chews brakes and wheel hubs like Candy! Oh and the 1000 fuse box is junk in that like my ram! Going to buy a toyota or a KIA,,, their better built…. Sad to say

  10. Joe Maitland

    Purchased a 2016 Ram 1500, Dec 3/15, currently back at the dealer for the 2nd time have been being tow in due not starting or anything! Dealership admits to not performing proper PDI on first occurrence, and felt no compensation was in order, now 2nd time vehicle was towed in and they still have the oh well sorry about your luck attitude! Is this how Chrysler stands behind it’s product? Is this the customer service you offer? Are u only looking for one time buyers so don’t care?

  11. Karen

    Just want to put a positive swing to the comments. I have been very pleased with the service given to me by the service department of Elgin Chrysler St.Thomas- Scott Cushman has gone over and above and gets better each time I go. Thank you for listening to my concerns Scott you are a roll model for many others to follow. Keep up the good work and hope this gets back to you

  12. mary murphy


  13. Janet Tiddel

    I have got many issues with Chrysler a well my 2008 Dodge grand caravan. I will never buy another dodge at all this is my 4 th. Not again

  14. Hans

    I have a 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT with Vapour Chrome wheels. The finish is coming off of the wheels which only have about 20,000 km on them. The case has been reviewed by Chrysler after the dealership submitted pictures and my claim was denied. I did some research on the Internet and found similar cases in the Challenger & Charger forums that were covered under warranty. I called my case manager 3 times and left voice mail, asking for a return phone call so I could send in the information I found. Never got a reply so today I called again and spoke with a different case manager who told me that the decision was final and that there was no one else to talk to. The reason the claim was denied was because I must have used too strong of a cleaner on them. When I said All I used was soap & water the reply was then you didn’t clean them often enough. So much for customer service. I have purchased 3 brand new vehicles from Chrysler but will be looking elsewhere next time.

  15. Tushar Shukla

    I have Dodge Caravan 2013. My sliding Door makes crack/groan noise. Went to Chrysler Dealer to rectify he problem 6 -7 times and yet no result. Coudl any one guide how I could resolve my problem before warranty gets over?

  16. Rachel ennis

    Chrysler has the worst service I’ve ever received. This is a dishonest company who robs regular people. I took my vehicle to your Parkway Chrysler dealership in Mississauga and my car was damaged by the mechanics. I was then charged to have it fix.

  17. my rockers are so rusted,thu wheel well and sub frame…car is unsafe to drive..


    I have a 2012 dodge ram 1500 quad cab that burn to the ground. Can’t get any answers

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