Canadian Tire Canada, is a a small financial services firm offering third-party credit card processing for local retailers, for any issue or question you may have, they offer the following phone number for customer service.

Canadian Tire customer service number:
(handles all calls and inquiries relating to


Canadian Tire Corporate Contact:

Corporate Home Office
2180 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 770, Station K
Toronto, ON M4P 2V8


Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance number:


Canadian Tire Corporate Customer Relations:
(handles all calls and inquiries relating to Canadian Tire stores)

1-800-387-8803 (English)
1-800-565-3356 (French)
905-735-7256 (to call from overseas)

• Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® and Roadside on Request:


• Canadian Tire Petroleum:

1-866-217-1106 (English)
1-866-217-1106 (French)

Canadian Tire Gas Bar number:

1-866-329-4630 (English)
1-866-329-4630 (French)

• Canadian Tire Mark’s Work Wearhouse:

403-255-9220 or
toll free 1-800-663-6275

Canadian Tire PartSource Customer Service:


Canadian Tire MasterCard number:


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3 Thoughts to “CANADIAN TIRE”

  1. Kyla howarth

    Bought a dresser and couldn’t put it together all holes will drilled wrong!

  2. Linda Widdis

    To Whom It May Concern,
    As a frequent Canadian Tire shopper,I was very disappointed with my recent experience.
    Yesterday, Nov.6th I purchased a Canvas Turner Stool, 2pk. after being very politely directed to two C.T stores , as the first was out of that particular item.
    After returning home, I realized that I had been charged $10. more than the advertised price in the 3 week sale brochure.
    Today, Nov.7th, I took my receipt to our local C.T. and was told that there had been a price correction and that was on a board near the door. How was the consumer to know?……never have I realized that this existed. If the price was in the brochure, I strongly feel that the consumer must be given that price.
    In future, I feel that consumers would definitely appreciate a more apparent price increase notice …..perhaps, right at the particular item so that we are aware before purchasing an item.
    Hoping this will assist your company in the future and you will avoid disappointed shoppers like myself.
    A long time Canadian Tire Shopper,
    Linda Widdis

  3. John finlay

    Questionable service rep.
    I was buying the plier and wrench set on sale. Nothing on display, and I wanted to see what the quality was like, so I took the box to a store trolley to see what they looked like. Floor guy comes running up, says “don’t open that box, people do all kinds of damage to the boxes”, takes the box, says “the same pliers are sold separately” and walks over to the other displays. There’s some that *look* the same.
    Now having bought on sale tools before and been very disappointed, I wanted to check them out. I’ve had rubber handles that don’t stay on, so I pull on the rubber handle. “What are you doing?” And takes (grabs, pulls) the pliers out of my hands, berates me, talks again about damage, he’s never seen anyone do that before, leaves with both the box and pliers, and goes and services someone else.
    I guess I was supposed to buy them, drive home, find out they were garbage, and drive back again. Is Canadian Tire really that concerned about damage to a pair of pliers?

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