Audi Canada Customer Service 1-800-822-2834
Audi Canada Finance 1-888-412-2834

Audi Canada, offers the here listed Audi Canada Phone Number, to be able to contact Audi Canada Customer Service and get information for example about the Audi Models and the Audi Customer Service.

You can call Audi Customer Service at the following Audi Canada Phone Number and get information about the Audi Canada Warranty and Audi Canada Spare Parts.

Contact Audi Canada, and get information about the Audi Dealers and Audi Canada Locations, to be able to Contact Audi for questions regarding Audi Careers and Audi Jobs in Canada.

Audi Canada Customer Service
at the Audi Contact Phone Number


to get information about Audi Finance, and the Audi Models you can get a Audi Leasing for, for example like the Audi R8, Audi A5 or Audi A3, you can contact the following Audi Phone Number and Contact Audi Canada Customer Service

Audi Finance Contact


Also you can visit the Audi Website to find more information about the Audi Canada Customer Service and Audi Contact.
on the Website you will be able to find Audi Dealers, Audi Locations and information about Audi Spare Parts.
Also find everything you may need about the Audi Canada Warranty.

We recommend to Contact Audi Canada to get more information, for example about the Audi Canada Leasing, or Audi Finance.

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4 Thoughts to “Audi”

  1. prem radhu

    i have a bad experience with audi services. where do i file the complaint?

  2. I’ve had atrocious service with Audi downtown Vancouver. Who can I talk to about this?
    I received a letter about excessive oil consumption on my A5, which I was happy about, as the oil light was coming on every couple of weeks! I took it in to Audi Downtown Vancouver when it came on again, they turned off the oil light and told me to come back the next time it comes on so they could monitor it. It came on this past Saturday 7 weeks later, I called them, and they never called back as they had promised. I Dropped in today, Monday, and they had no report on my previous service! Tried to tell me that oil consumption was normal and was oblivious about the Audi letter. Booked me in to have the light turned off in another week and a half!
    This is my first Audi after driving BMW for 30 years. I’ll be going back to BMW where the service is impeccable!

  3. richard Cantrill

    I just called Audi Halifax for a regular oil change and was told there is a 4 week wait time. As I am from out of town, this is unacceptable. Since all complaints here seem to be about the service departments, perhaps Audi could address this issue!

    1. champ2015

      Richard has it correct with Audi Halifax Service, poison!! I was told by sales person how special Audi treats customers, well that stopped the moment the papers were signed. Out of town owners beware, no accommodation at all on service appointments. Also once I did make the effort for a dedicated service trip on their 4 week schedule, car was way over km, and once I got it home, within a couple of weeks the Adblu refill warnings started, which they said they topped up. A call to Audi Halifax to see what to do, nobody available to talk to, big surprise. It is very clear Audi Halifax has absolutely no idea about service, very disappointed, never going back, will drive to the next closest dealer and try them, and if they are as bad, might go back to Toyoto/Lexus next car, way better service.

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