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Itunes Canada Phone Number 1-800-263-3394
Itunes Customer Service 1-800-263-3394

Apple is high range… not only in SmartPhones and Computer Devices, but also in Customer Service and Support.
In my opinion Apple helps you solve problems immadiatly, and therefore in Canada Appls offers the here shown Customer Service Phone Number.

Apple Canada has for all Itunes Clients, the following Phone Number, for any issue you may have with Itunes.
For example if you can’t access your Itunes Account, or need to reset or restore your Password, you can call the Apple Customer Service Phone Number and get Itunes Canada Support.

Itunes Canada Phone Number


We recommend to call the Itunes Support Phone Number, only after trying to get a solution, visitting Itunes homepage, as you will be able to find most solutions right there, such as installing the App, or getting a new Password.

We had to call several times the Itunes Customer Service and allways got a immediate Solution. How did the Customer Service work for you?
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