Apple Canada Store Phone Number 1-800-MY-APPLE
Apple Canada Customer Service 1-800-676-2775
Apple Canada Technical Support (800) 263-3394

Do you need help configurating your Iphone? Aren’t you able to access Apple Store?
You can Contact Apple Customer Service for Canada to obtain help and advice through Apple Customer Service at any time.

After calling Apple Phone Number, let us and all readers know, how Apple Customer Service works? Did they solve your problems and help you with your issue?

Apple Canada has the here listed Apple Canada Phone Numbers for all clients available, to be able to contact Apple Canada.

If you need help regarding your Apple Product, such as Apple Iphone or Apple Ipod, you can contact Apple Canada.

Apple Canada Phone Number


You can contact Apple at the above shown Apple Phone Number and get help, in what you may need to know about any Apple Product, or to be able to buy a Apple IPhone for example by phone.

For Apple Canada technical Support you can call the following Apple Canada Phone Number, and recieve technical help, such as information about the Apple Canada Warranty or to get to know where the nearest Apple Store and Repair Service is.

Apple Canada Support

(800) 263-3394

For more information you may need, you can visit the Apple Homepage.
But most problems can be solved by calling the Apple Customer Service at the Phone Number we showed you above.

Also you will be able to find information about Apple Drivers on the website or find instructions about how to do some configurations and how to install several devices.

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7 Thoughts to “Apple”

  1. Dave Chambers

    I have an iPhone 5S that has a faulty battery. Apparently it’s a common problem yet after contacting the apple support I find that it’s not covered and with taxes will cost me about $100 to get replaced. I have 5 Apple phones on my plan and also have a MacBook. I’ve always used iPhones since my first iPhone 3 but I have to say having to pay for this replacement battery is not sitting well and questions my confidence in your products.

  2. Mike Coates

    I have a concern which is affecting a lot of people like me. I am disabled and live on a fixed low income. Because of my situation I could not participate in your big giveaway because I did not have a credit card. I tried contacting you several times and no reply. Being I can’t get a credit card, I can’t get financing either. There should be a way to be able to participate without a credit card, really it was only a dollar. I myself and others in the same situation are feeling discriminated against. Please someone reply. Very frustrated, I started switching to Apple with an iPad and Mac book, I was wanting to get a better phone which I personally think is the best on the market. But now I can’t get a iPhone I’m seriously considering getting rid of my other Apple products. An iPhone would have helped me with my medical issues keeping track of medications and blood sugars and so on, and I would be able to download this info to my doctor without having to go to the clinic. That’s just a small reason I wanted Apple iPhone.

  3. Mikayla

    I have an iPhone 4s its locked with rogers need help dont know the number to contact them.

  4. rashida Spencer

    My iPad will not allow access to my gmail
    Is it Goggle issue or is it Apple issue
    I could open up my iPhone by downloading the latest download but the iPad is not responding

  5. Tubraiz

    I have iphone 6 plus and exactly after 1yr it started giving me trouble. I tried going to many apple store and they keep updating my software. I know in states they already have lawsuit against them for touch problem. Does anyone know what’s happening in Canada? This is worst cell I ever got and in past I never had issue with apple products.

  6. Melissa

    Hi. My iPhone 5s is acting up. The other day I lost all my sounds for everything. My keyboard doesn’t click. My phone won’t ring and all notifications as well. This is my main phone. I need a quick repair.

  7. Yogesh verma

    Hi I have two iPhones whenever I text or I receive text they merge in both iPhones I wanna separate my iPhones from each other

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