Amazon is one of the biggest selling and buying networks online, which in Canada, offers this phone number to contact customer service and get help with any issue or question you may have.
For example if you detected a fraud of a seller or you bought a product and did not recieve it as planed, you can contact Amazon Customer Service.

Amazon customer phone number


If, for any reason you need to contact Amazon Headquaters, you can reach Amazon at the following adress:, Inc.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

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21 Thoughts to “AMAZON”

  1. donna tolmatch

    I placed 2 orders for books.
    Nov. 20 2014
    Order Placed: November 20, 2014 order number:
    The orders were invoiced separately with a delivery charge of 19.97 for each. I was charged close to $40 for the delivery of 4 books. I thought that delivery was free for Black Friday but I must have neglected to click the right buttons.
    Please look into removing the delivery charges or cancel my orders as soon as possible.

  2. Steven

    hi ! i have a question about my new garmin 78s, i would like to purchase topo map with lots of details on it .I live in north of ontario canada.
    I found out that i can buy topo map by provinces only at cost avg of $150 each. I want Quebec and Ontario’s topo maps since I m living north close of both provinces.
    Is it a way of getting a mini-sd card program that would include both provinces at less money
    thanks for ur help

  3. Carver zimmer

    Hi I have changed my password multiple times and it doesnt work time after time and I need to cancel and order soon!

  4. Beverly

    Hi I was considering placing an order on your sight but with your omission of paypal services i will stay with Ebay….your loss

  5. aboubakar bamba

    I have been charged 90,83$can today into my account from my card payment ,for Amazon prime .I don’t want to be a member of Amazon prime .and I don’t remember have subscribed one time .please I need to be refunded as soon as possible

  6. Brian Mallett

    Why is it I have being having so much trouble trying to purchase a Remington chainsaw from a local distributor in the US for pickup from a designated store close to the US border?.

  7. Nazan

    Hi .I purchased cuisinart stand mixer in Nov 29,2015.After a while it didn”t work.I don”t know how to do with it.

  8. Ernst Arend

    I have placed my order never got it but got charged for it, can’t get enybody to take responsibility for it.

  9. Chris

    Am trying to check out my order but it won’t let me

  10. Riley Wertman

    It says I am logged in, but to check my orders or get help it asks for me to login again, but my password doesn’t work?? I have changed my password and it still won’t let me log in. I ordered something on two day express shipping and it hasn’t showed up on the guaranteed date it was supposed to.

  11. I lost my Paperwhite. Need to ca ncel access to my account .do
    Not have. Serial number.r

  12. Crystal Gibson

    I couldn’t get into my Amazon account with the right password so I tried 8 different times to change it at first the passwords were excepted when I first renewed them by when I actually put my email and password it didn’t accept it. what can I do?

  13. natalia

    Hallo. I ordered the instant pot and my order not was delivered. I meed my instant pot, because I paed for this.

  14. I will like to set up an account so i can buy things but i am not virst on the computer,


  15. Robin Svensson

    I woundering if the radio Eton Grundig Satellite 750 can be shipped to Sweden? And is it free shipping?

    I also see that you have 7 new and 1 used. I want a new and how do I do to choose that?

  16. Robin

    Hello Amazon.

    Your radio Eton Grundig Satellite 750. Will you ship that to Sweden? If yes are the shipping free?

    I also see that you sell 7 new and 1 used radio. I want to order the new but there is nowhere to choose that I want to order the new radio.

  17. Norma Halladay

    I am unable to get an answer to find out where my parcel is that I placed August 29.

    1. ordered a new shaver head two weeks ago for my Remington shaver but it must have fallen overboard. I used my visa so it had better not show up on my account

  18. al gainer

    what and where is a call me button and where is my gd bill for my last purchase. And yes I mean LAST purchase.

  19. Today I canceled the order # 701-0456092-7830622, when it was estimated I would receive the refund of the order canceled?

  20. Robel Chua

    Today I received 88 dollars can to day info. My acct card payment. For Amazon prime .i don’t want to be a member of Amazon prime i don’t remember I need to be refund as soon as possible thanks…

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