Airbnb Canada

Airbnb Canada Phone Number
+1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

Do you have a property in Canada, you would like to rent with Airbnb? Or need to rent a house for the Weekend?
The Airbnb Customer Service will help you with any issue regarding the Online Booking Website.

If you need to Contatc Airbnb Customer Service, in this Post we will share with you the Customer Service Phone Number, to be able to Contact Airbnb Customer Service.

We would love to hear your rating about Airbnb Customer Service and if they were able to solve your problem or help you with an issue.
For example we have heard of people who rented an appartment in Toronto and when they got there the owner never apeard and never gave them the keys of the flat. So they made the complaint at Airbnb Customer Service and got their money back immediatly.

How did Airbnb Customer Service work out for you?

For now, we leave you here the Airbnb Canada Phone Number, at which you can reach the Airbnb Support and probably receive help with any issue you may have.

The Airbnb Canada Customer Servicecan also help you with issues regarding the Airbnb App, or if you need help getting it installed on your Phone.

Airbnb Support for Canada, Phone Number

+1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

You also can Contact Airbnb Canada through email and with the Airbnb Canada Contact Us Form on the Airbnb homepage.

If yuo have trouble getting restored your Airbnb Password and can’t acces Airbnb Account, you should try calling the Airbnb Customer Service, and they will be able to send you a new Password for your Airnbnb Account.

How does the Airbnb Refund work?
Have you had eny trouble with your rent?

Leave a comment and let us know how you would rate the Airbnb Customer Service.

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9 Thoughts to “Airbnb Canada”

  1. Michèle Cipelletti

    I’ve got a problem with a reservation that i cancelled. I red everything before cancelling and regarding to the policy i was supposes to have a total refund (442$). But you only gave me back 300$. I want the money back and it’s been a week that im trying to call airbnb and i just get transferes everywhere without any answer. + this is my 10 email and none of the others have been replied. Me and my friend vanessa lanthier-bourbonnais are having a really bad time using airbnb since the beginning of our travel and i hope that someone could help me with that.

    Waiting for some news, have a nice day,



    Best service ever!! *****

  3. Hello I received a 40$ coupon if I sign up & I am having trouble receiving the coupon code

  4. MSimon

    How can messages exchanged in Airbnb between owners and a guests sent to each other prior to the booking be shared with other members of the traveling party (i.e. friends looking to rent a single accommodation)?

  5. MSimon

    Is there a way that, after a request from an interested and potential guest, an owner can share additional photos directly to the guest prior to the actual booking?

  6. Omar

    Please i need number for canada speak french

  7. JG

    These people are USELESS!!!! No email response and on hold forever for ‘customer service’ and no answer!!!!! FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!

  8. Simon

    Pathetic customer service.

    No way to get a support phone number if you can’t log into your Airbnb account.
    No french speaking service in Canada.
    Been hanged up on the phone several times.
    Receiveing emails in chinese…

  9. Nadine

    Hi! A guest lost the key that I gave him. Did it happened to anyone before? I have to change the all set and it cost 200$. Can I reclaim to my guest the 200$. Thank’s

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