Air Asia

Air Asia Canada Arrival and Departure Information see below
Air Asia Canada Booking Singapore +65 6307 7688
Air Asia Canada Customer Service China +86 20 2281 7666

Air Asia Singapore +65 6307 7688
Air Asia Indonesia +62 21 2927 0999
Air Asia Thailand +66 2 515 9999
Air Asia China +86 20 2281 7666
Air Asia Saudi Arabia 8008449458

Air Asia, I think has no Phone Number directly in Canada available for clients, to be able to Contact Air Asia Canada and get help with a current Booking operation or to be able to make a reservation by phone.
Most operations can be done through the Website, but if you may lost your Baggage and need to make a complaint or if you may need to change a Booking few minutes before flight, the best option is to call the Air Asia Customer Service.

Therefore Air Asia has the here shown Phone Numbers.

Any questions you may have about the Air Asia Baggage Fees and Luggage Allowence you can visit the Air Asia Website..

Air Asia Customer Service Canada Phone Number:

+65 6307 7688

If you would like to change an Air Asia Booking, or you need to contact Air Asia through the Air Asia phone number for example to get a reservation done, you can reach Customer Service and ask by phone for change and ticket.

The Air Asia Online check in, in most cases must be done 24 hours before boarding, so if you allready have your Ticket and Boarding Pass, you should access the website before flight and look if the Online Check In is allready available.

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  1. Maxine St-Arnaud

    Hi, My name is maxine St-Arnaud and I am going to be travelling with air Asia soon. I am from Canada and there are no options for me to call someone from here, and even in english. On your website you offered some flights that are no longer available for the air asia pass and we need to change them, but you won’t let us !! this is unacceptable and if you don’t come back to us in the next 2 days it will be too late. Really disappointed by your service and organization please help us by getting back to me really soon.
    I will be travelling with Gabrielle Huot and Ariane Huot which both have also an air asia pass, and we are all on the same big shot account.

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