Acer Canada Support 800 565-2237
Acer Canada Contact Phone Number 800 565-2237

Acer Technical Support 1-866-706-2237

Acer offers in Canada a Acer Canada Phone Number to contact Technical Support and Customer Service all around the clock.

If you may need help with your Acer Device or you are having trouble with an Acer Driver, you can reach Acer Support and get help for example with the Acer Warranty.

Also you can Contact Acer Canada , to get information about the Acer Canada Driver Download and Acer Driver Update. Get the information you need, through Acer Canada Customer Service at the following Acer Canada Phone Number.

Acer Canada Phone Number

800 565-2237

For Acer Canada Technical Support, we recommend to contact the following Acer Canada Customer Service Phone Number

Acer Canada Support Contact


The Acer Canada Technical Support will be helpful for you, if you are needing for example Acer Canada Driver or would like to do a Acer Driver Upate.
Also they will be able to help you with Acer Canada Warranty and Acer Parts.

Any further Information you may need about ACER Canada , you can visit the Acer Website.
There you will be able to find information and locations of the nearest Acer Canada Office and the Acer Head Office Adress.

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9 Thoughts to “Acer”

  1. Cliff Stone

    I bought this acer to replace one my wife had , for Christmas , so far we had to send it back once and it is still not working right , I tried your chat service but no one was there , this may be the last acer we ever buy, not impressed

  2. katlin

    Phoned help line. All I got was some idiot who didn’t know a.. from hole in ground who passed me on to another service company who charged me $100 to tell me there was nothing he could do because it was a hardware problem. I knew that before contacting Acer. will never buy another Acer and certainly will not recommend

  3. George Bennett

    I bought an Acer laptop of April 4, 15 for Easter. I used it for 1 week and went to clean the screen with an eye glass cleaner, the screen cracked. This is a touch screen computer. After paying $200.00 for this repair the computer was returned to me, I opened the shipping box and removed the unit. I connected to power and turned the unit on only to find that the unit required to be rebooted. Attempts were made to reboot and no success. I called ACER and got nothing but a run around being passed from person to person with no positive answers. Finally one service tech said he would try to arrange for free transportation to return the unit. This is my second and final ACER Product. I intend to pass the work about the poor service. I will use all forms of media to make everyone aware of this non-service.

    1. lin

      I bought an Acer computer from Best buy 3 months. The screen cracked. This is a touch screen computer. Best buy told me I have to pay $400.00+tax for repairing.

  4. Kevin Anderson

    I had a new laptop with a bent bezel and damaged screen. The techs replaced the screen and set it back. I then told them they missed fixing the bezel, so I sent it back. They replaced the bezel. The letter I key and the space bar stopped working correctly and so when I called them, they sent me a new laptop. I got the new laptop and it had the same issues that they just fixed for me. Then I called and they said they could try to repair it again. I said it was a new laptop. Second one with the same issues. What are you going to fix? I am so unhappy, I think I am having a nervous breakdown. I just wanted to cry when they sent me the new broken laptop. I don’t know what to do. Who can help?

  5. Pamela

    My issue is when you call acer they won’t put you through to customer service in Canada. You are talking to people in India

  6. sultan.lalji

    my daughter bought acer laptop for university. less then 6 months and the screen has gone faulty. acer said that the ink had spread , so the screen was damaged by her. there is no external marks indicating abuse, nor is the glass broken.
    may be acer should be banned from selling sub standard products in canada !!.
    will never purchase acer again.
    paid money to purchase a headache- have learnt a bitter lesson.
    my toshiba laptop is now 4 years , no problems what so ever. goes to show the quality difference between the two laptops .

  7. anna

    just like sultan.laji’s issue….bought Acer laptop 3 months ago..worked in the morning came back from lunch and laptop is soo hot too hot to handle.. a thin file was on it ..i quickly unplugged it and screen was messed up!! couldnt shut it down so it took some time to cool down..called 1-866 number its in dominican republic..she was helpful..however when i was told it my fault that i had dropped it to cause the screen to crack..i am so over protective of this laptop..I HAVE NEVER DROPPED IT!! now it have to pay to get it repaired..this is crazy called 1-866 again..guy was useless…constantly putting me on hold !! frustrating!!!

  8. Frank

    I bought a new acer and so far 3 times I sent it to fix and still I have the same problem.
    I am unhappy with their service and I won’t recommend them to anybody.

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